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Dr Richard Jelusich:
Healers training, books, newsletter

Miguel Angel Vergara, Maya Wisdom Teacher, Maya Cosmic Institute
Shamanism Workshops and sacred tours.

Iluminado Tours

Sacred Earth Journeys
Maya Sacred Journey to 2012 , and travel worldwide.

Websites for connection with other higher conscious persons or inspiration Free Your Essence, Activate Your Business (conscious business tribe, energy shifts) –Julia Rogers Hamrick Books-CDs. click the Global Care Room link

Power animals and symbols in nature
Ted Andrews
Animal speak
Animal Wisdom
Nature Speak

Stephen Farmer- Animal Spirit Guides

Medicine Oracle Cards and Book

Recommended Reading
Buried Treasure: Finding Enchantment Within Joy Borthwick

Healing Power of Water Matsura Emoto

Ask and it is Given Ester and Gerry Hicks and Abraham ( Universal Laws)

Happy for No Reason Marci Shimoff

Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras Dr.Richard Jelusich

Vibrational Medicine Richard Gerber

Power vs Force Dr.David Hawkins

Healing the Hardware of the Soul Dr.Daniel Amen

Emissary of Light: a Vision of Peace. James F Twyman,

Crystal Allies
Love is in the Earth, Melody

Book of Stones, Robert Simmons, and Naisha Ahsian

Crystal Bible, Judy Hall

Flower Remedies 

Katherine Alexis
Sharon Watts


Oracle Cards and Positive Thought Cards
Louise Hay

Wayne Dyer

Esther and Gerry Hicks

Path of the Soul Fractal Cards

The Mayan Oracle Return Path to the Stars

CD’s to stimulate focus and creativity
Tom Kenyon, The Ultimate Brain Ambient Support

Kelly Howell Pure Focus Gamma Waves

Steven Halpern Accelerated Learning

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