Life is a series of cycles.  Wheels within wheels.  Upward Spirals moving us in, revealing our true core selves and ever upward spirals moving us out to make a difference in the world with our newest super-gifts.

2017 is the start of a new 9 year cycle.  A one year of new beginnings.  A new canvas or journal with which to create your biggest art-  The art of love, light, and highest conscious creation.  

Go inside yourself connect with your highest being, with Source, All Your Relations and the All That IS and see if there is a new way you want to create this year.  

A couple of my friends are excited to explore the moreness and use my Beyond the Infinite Doorway Guided Visualization to create their 2017 by bilocating.  

I’m including my Divine You blog here to offer other ideas for bringing in your best year yet.  There is a practice for the first 12 days of January which sets the energy for each month.  

 Here’s to New Divinely Good Times Ahead

 As I was contemplating my last blog of 2016 – a year of completion, I was struck by how living Divinely in the new era has shifted the way many of us celebrate significant days.  We feel into the energy and use our inner wisdom to create wonderful experiences.  If we enjoy ceremony we craft ones that are deeply meaningful.  2017 is a year of new beginnings, so you may want to take the last couple of days this year (in Mercury Retrograde energy) and reflect on what big picture life you wish to actualize and see what magical ways you can bring in the new year.

Make it a fun experience. Imagine yourself at the end of December 2017 after having spent the year living as the authentic Master of Divinity that you are.

  • Get into some clothes that make you feel like that divine being.  It could be a dramatic dress and makeup, or your coziest flannel pj’s.
  • Make a hot beverage and find a quiet cozy space to curl up or stretch out.
  • Breath and feel your body release any tension and allow your mind to wander.
  • Reflect on the past year and celebrate any happy experiences you enjoyed.

When you have allowed time for that, go deeper into your relaxation.

  • Feel yourself connect with your divine core essence,
  • Let your mind empty easily and effortlessly.
  • If your mind wants to think you may wish to still it by using the mantra ‘Sahasrara Im’.  This mantra connects your individual consciousness with the universal consciousness.
  • Now feel the energy around you. (It may be hectic from the holiday activity and you may be picking up the energy of humanity and world events. If so see it flowing out, leaving the planet and transforming into higher vibration energy to be used for greater purpose.) Feel into the newest energy of the infant era, full of harmony, collaboration, light and love and new ideas never before conceived of.  Feel the freedom and expansion.
  • Get into your highest frequency bliss, in the void of creation.  Perhaps jump into the white hole from where you can draw all the qualities, skills and possibilities you desire.  As you dive down see yourself in 2017 living in alignment with your passions in life.  See your newest genuine ‘in-the-moment Self as it comes alive claiming its divine superpowers.  Observe your expanded Divine Self living the life you desire, without specifics. Just feel the joy and anticipation of the limitless possibilities as you live passionately choosing what excites you in each moment.

You may want to include other aspects such as:

  • Relishing each now moment,
  • Choosing to perceive every situation from the highest perspective,
  • Accessing boundless energy and vitality,
  • Living an expanded open minded and open hearted reality full of choice and freedom,
  • Living in the peace that passes understanding, knowing that no matter what chaos and dis-ease occurs around you, or on your surface you are centered deep in joy filled well-being,
  • Exuding and experiencing unconditional acceptance and love,
  • Achieving order, balance, bliss, certainty, clarity, harmony, generosity, curiosity, contentment, presence, serenity, and other high vibeing qualities you wish to actualize,
  • Connecting with the wonder of everyone and every thing on the earth and in the cosmos,
  • Experiencing your self as a Divine energy of All That IS,
  • Collaborating with others who share your passion and “get you”,
  • Attracting an abundance of everything good beautiful and (w)holy,

Claim this and any other attributes and experiences you wish to actualize in 2017.

  • Bounce out of the white hole and go out into the quantum field, create a wave with all these energies and turn them into material particles and experiences in your current reality.  Sense and with extreme feeling, know yourself to be magnetizing and living them.

Create New Traditions
You may wish to ensure New Years Eve and Day is filled with experiences you want to actualize in the coming year.
Auld Lang Syne is a traditionally sung at midnight Dec 31 remembering  “times long past”   and old friends and love  Rather than singing that you may want to sing a new song.   I used google translate to find the Scots Gaelic words for ‘To new good times ahead’.

You can actually fit it into the same tune.  Instead of ‘Should old aquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind’, sing ‘Gu ùr math amannan air adhart – to new good times ahead.’   I’m still working on the next line, but the old lyrics “We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet”  which refers to the tradition of raising a glass, or a cup o’ kindness meaning with “good will, friendship and kind regard”  still fits nicely, as kindness is a key attribute I want to see in 2017 and beyond.

I’d love it if you feel inspired to write a new New Years Eve anthem….. Please share it on my Divine You Facebook page

January 1-12 Set the Energy for the Whole Year
Here’s a mindfulness practice I tried last year.  You may wish to follow it for the first 12 days of January.  Imagine that each day represents a month of the year.  (January 1 would be January, January 2 would be February etc.)  Live each day with the intentions you wish to practice each year.  Perhaps you may wish to feel the joy and anticipation of the limitless possibilities as you live passionately choosing what excites you in each moment. Include actions that indicate what you value: open-mindedness, unconditional acceptance, generosity and more.  In this way your Divine intentions will proceed you into each month.  I would suggest you make a note at the beginning of each month in your calendar to remind you of the theme for that month.

I’m Sending You Great Vibes for an AwemaZing  Year.

Original Image credit: rolffimages / 123RF Stock Photo  modified with picmonkey


Recipe for a Merry Christmas

by on December 23, 2016

Now that you have celebrated Solstice, and the new Era’s  birthday lets carry on and get ready for a cool Yule filled with good vibrations, and a jinglebell jamboree.

The holidays will be extra special this year.  Christmas and Hanukkah fall on the same day, December 25, and Kwanzaa falls, as is usual, December 26. This is lovely! The  moon will be in Scorpio then moving into  Sagittarius, whose energy links all people in one universal family of man. Scorpio is a sign of spirituality, belief, and regeneration, so it fits perfectly with our holiday season.



Recipe for a Merry Christmas


Take a…
C risp December day
and sprinkle it with snow…add a
H elping of the special
joys you cherish so… blend in
R ings of laughter
and the glow of candlelight…mix
I n wreaths of holly
and a tree all shiny-bright
S eason with the greetings
of good friends and loved ones, too…add
T he Yuletide wishes that
are old, but ever-new
M ix in Christmas carols
and the sound of silver bells
A nd don’t omit the story
that the holy season tells
S erve with feelings of good will
and love in generous measure

And you will have the makings for
a Christmas you will treasure!



Give a listen to the fun song Jingle Jamboree here.   Its got a powerful message.

“Well, it’s all right if there’s no stockings on the wall
‘Cause what matters most is peace on earth
And goodwill to all

Well, everybody’s got something that a baby needs
They say the more you give, the more you will receive
Well, don’t worry if you can’t give nothin’, ain’t a harm
Well, it’s the state of mind that matters most of all”

Thanks to Blue Mountain Cards for the recipe and Alice Popkorn Flickr Creative Commons for the image.


Happy 4th Birthday Earth. Celebrate the Nascent Golden Age of Consciousness.

Birth 2012

Today is the 4th birthday of the New Era.  Dec 21 2012 was  considered the end of one World Age and the beginning of another. Although  this was the exact midway point when the winter solstice was in conjunction with the galactic equator in actuality it takes about 36 years for the complete conjunction to occur. Astronomically […]

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