Use Mindfulness to Practice Living in the Now

by on May 22, 2016

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One way to get in the habit of living in the now involves the practice of mindfulness.  This Buddhist meditation practice, called Vipassana is the subject of many books, classes, and online resources you may wish to check out.  Although I am really oversimplifying the practice, I find it most workable to think of being mindful as essentially living every moment in awareness without judgement. This is partly accomplished by using your senses to consciously and fully experience whatever you are doing internally and what is happening externally.


When you use your senses you are connecting with your external environment and realizing the energy and wonder of ALL THAT IS.   Jason Silva has a facebook post that I will share on my page which talks about the sense of  infiniteness the collapse of time and spacethat comes when you immerse yourself and interconnect with something so deeply that you lose a sense of yourself and achieve grace.


Here’s an exercise to try that will allow you to experience mindfulness in a very deep way.  Once you are aware of the intricate possibilities of being attuned to every detail, you can choose the depth to which you wish to be mindful.

Todays Practice

Check in with yourself: are you in higher conscious vibration?  If not use any of the tools we’ve covered to move there.

 Take a grape or a cherry tomato. Connect with it. In order to experience eating it mindfully, begin by expressing gratitude to all the energy that brought this tasty tidbit to your table.  These include the sun, rain, soil, water, planters, pruners, harvesters (whether human or machine), truck drivers, trucks, gasoline, people who built the trucks, manufactured the materials, shippers, other handlers, the produce sellers who displayed and culled the fruit, people who took your money as an energy exchange for all of the above, the water you washed the fruit in, and so much more (especially if you use a plate or napkin during your experience).

Now look at the grape or tomato as if it is something you have never seen before.  Don’t label it as a grape or tomato; just be aware of it in its essence.  Be mindful of your reason for eating it – perhaps to nourish you, to take care of and nurture yourself, for enjoyment, and/or, so you can sustain your own energy for the work you will do.

Use all your senses to appreciate it.  Feel its texture; smell the aroma; look at its colour, notice any markings. Try rubbing it next to your ear to see if there is any sound (perhaps a squeak like a balloon?). Play with it; try bouncing it and rolling it and do any other creative experiment stimulated by being in this higher vibration energy.

Thank it for its gift of life and nourishment. Then, as you bring it to your mouth, notice your body’s response. Don’t bite it yet!   Is your mouth watering? …Your stomach gurgling?  Feel the texture on your lips, in your mouth. Does it taste stronger in one area of your mouth over another? If you inhale the way you would a fine wine in your mouth, what is the smell like?

Notice what happens when you first bite it.  Dont swallow it!  Keeep it in your mouth Does it pop out its pulp? Chew slowly.  Is it refreshing? Can you smell its bouquet? What does it sound like inside your head when you chew? Does it taste sweet or sour? What happens in your mouth as you swallow it? Is there an aftertaste?  How far can you feel it going down your throat and into your digestive system?

Next, check in with what’s happening in the rest of your body.  Connect with the cells, the bloodstream, and the organs.  You also might notice some signs of being in higher vibration such as feeling expanded in your heart area. Check in with your mind emotions and spirit as well.

I’ve found this mediation is really powerful to demonstrate how being mindful keeps you in the now moment.  There is less chance to wander into the past or future when you are really focused what you are experiencing.

Being connected to the energy in this way also ensures you are living in higher consciousness.

Being Mindful in Everyday Life

Now that you know how to be deeply mindful during meditations, you can simplify the process and use this concept in everyday living.  Try being mindful when you do ordinary everyday tasks, such as showering or doing dishes.  Use all your senses. Notice how your mind chatter disappears.

Take all your activities, whether meaningful or mundane, and reframe their purpose in the context of accomplishing your life’s purpose, providing service to yourself and family, engaging in an ecological earth-friendly action, or whatever comes forward during the mindfulness practice. Being aware that being mindful will move you into higher vibration energy, and practice for short periods of time to create a habit that keeps you in the now moment more often. You will eventually realize you are spending greater amounts of time there.  You will feel infinite and connect with the eternal you.

I hope you will share your experience on  my facebook page so others can benefit from your insights.

Image by Michael McCauslin  grape eater from flickr creative commons


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