Solstice Is Here. Choose from a Smorgasbord of Ceremonial Delights for Your Soulstice Renewal

by on December 21, 2016

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It is just 4 years since December 21, 2012, the dawn of the new era. This event, called the Precession of the Equinoxes, happens every 25,920 years when the winter solstice sun rises in conjunction with the galactic centre. This was why the Maya Calendar ended on this date. It is considered the end of one World Age and the beginning of another.

Today in the sky the earth, sun and milky way are still in close alignment with the galactic centre, bringing in the energy of change.  As you celebrate the solstice, tune in with your soul and bring in the energy of new beginnings which is heightened by the upcoming universal one year (2+0+1+7 = 10 =1).  Contemplate  this phenomenon, feeling the limitless possibilities of love and good will to all ( people, creatures and all energies), strengthened by the power of the cosmic alignment.

Be aware that the first 11 days of the new year will bring an influx of unprecedented  light energy that you can use to amp up your highest conscious experience of the year. I’ll be blogging about our 4th galactic birthday tomorrow, and will write more about the January energies as the time gets closer.

I’ve included a smorgasbord of activities to celebrate Solstice.  Choose as many as you wish. You can intersperse them thru the day,  combine several for one ceremony or just select the one that you most resonate with.  Traditionally sunrise, noon and sunset are times for ceremony, but go with your inner wisdom.


Begin your day

Before you get busy with the day give thanks for the past year, the last quarter and the coming year of new beginnings.  Connect with your divine Creator Energy of All That IS and ask what new is calling  you to be or do on this day of returning light.  Plan your activities for the day based on that.

Here are some other ideas to start your day.

  1. Ask your highest self for a theme word for you to focus on and actualize in your life in 2017.
  2.  You might want to give a toast of a healthy breakfast beverage to the  legendary Holly King who is retiring to allow the Oak King to bring the light, saying something like:  “Winter Day of longest night
    Step aside now for the light
    Thank you for the things you’ve brought
    That only darkness could have wrought.             Then name all the gifts of darkness you can think of-regeneration, peace, dreams, organization, quietude, and so on-before drinking  the juice.”
  3.  I mentioned yesterday to take note of the place where the sun hit your room or yard at sunrise.  (You can also mark it at sunset or noon, if you don’t get the morning sun.)  Build a cairn of stones to indicate the spot in your yard or put a mark in your home where the sun was located.  You can set a mirror here to reflect the sun’s returning  light on a special object or photo you wish to imbue with high frequency energy.  Observe -it will be the same spot from year to year.
  4. You may want to watch the video below. On the 21st December each year a beam of sunrise sunlight shines up the passageway to light the central chamber of Newgrange built in Ireland 2,000 to 2,600 years ago. This is illustrated beginning 2 minutes into the video. The winter solstice sunset is captured in a similar nearby mound called Dowth, or Darkness.  (A chapter features a transcendent experience at Dowth in the book I’m writing,  with the working title Beyond the Infinite Doorway.  I hope it will be published in 2017)

Holiday Relaxation Ceremony
Take some time today to relax:
Fill a bowl with water and a  small floating candle. Light the candle and gaze into the flame. As you gaze for awhile  let your mind go blank. Feel your tension from your body and mind pouring into the water and feel your body relax as the tension leaves it. Imagine the bowl is a deep well and is drinking in whatever it is in your life that is not of the highest vibration . Breathe deeply. Sprinkle dried basil over the water, and then chant softly before the candle flame:

I am calm.
I am at peace with my surroundings.
I am whole and well.
By the energy of earth, air, fire, and water, I am free.

Sit before the bowl for several more moments. Contemplate the meaning of light.  Feel the energy of the candles and consider how one candle can light many and how that light is all from one source.  Envision your light, your divine spark lighting the lives of everyone you come in contact with personally, or even in social media.

Let the candle burn till it burns out. Pour the water onto the ground and feel your tension and monkey mind chatter going with it. Tell yourself that the earth has taken your lower energy away. Give thanks.

Short Solstice Ceremony

This following is recap of a ceremony I’ve shared in the past for celebrating the solstice or equinox.  I’ve made a couple of additions  for winter.

  • Go outside. Connect with the environment, with Mother Nature and her cycles.
  • Using your 5 senses, look around — see the colours, smell nature,  smell a tree, the snow, the soil etc.) Listen for any natural sounds,  feel the wind and a tree and any growing thing, and see if there is anything that is safe to taste.
  • Honor the Green Standing People’s (trees) visible “bones” of the winter season. Think about the new growth lying fallow in the ground. Pick up a pinecone, acorn, maple key or other seed and envision the life within it.  Energy photos of  a seed show it as  a full grown plant or tree of its species.  What a wonderful demonstration of  how its full potential is there at its beginning.
  • Be aware  of your partnership with nature. Breathe out and provides CO2 to the trees for you and breath in the O2 they offer you. Be aware of your outbreath for trees and plants for the rest of the  day.  Feel your energy exchange with the rocks and stones. Alchemically stir life – grow it into more, the newest coming thru made available to earth.
  • Reflect on how often you are in the habit of noticing your natural surroundings in your daily life. Make a plan for how you could incorporate this habit more into your day. For example, when I drive I notice the trees, landscape, clouds when I am stopped in traffic. It expands the heart and soul, focuses the mind on the moment and really decreases impatience and  irritation with fellow drivers.
  • Feel your gratitude for life and all you have.  Intensify that feeling until you experience bliss and connection with everything inside and around you….All Your Relations – past present and future, in bodies and form and without.
  • From that highest vibration place of bliss connect with and receive source energy….the energy of All That IS, whatever you call the energy of Creation. Receive the energy of love and light from everywhere around you.
  • Set your intention for the next cycle, the rest of the season.
  • Express your respect, honour and love for All Your Relations and All That Is, and offer whatever service you are called to in that moment.
  • End the ceremony respectfully thanking all the beings who have joined you to celebrate this amazing moment.


If you want to do a ceremony or ritual based on the preparatory work you have done during the 12 days til Soulstice, here is a version of  a  ceremony I have done in the past.

Traditional Sacred Earth Ceremony

Mental and spiritual preparation

Start by getting quiet, connect to your inner self and the Energy of the Creator.

  • Consciously create the high vibration energies of love, gratitude and bliss. In keeping with the energies of Mercury retrograde, you may wish to review and remember your reflections of the 12 days til Soulstice and let the energy of your success in the last quarter and the year intensify your feeling of bliss.
  • Remember your purity and perfection as a higher conscious expression of the All That IS.
  • Review your self evaluation and intentions. Depending on where you are on your spiritual path, you may wish to  write down what is no longer useful that you wish to move out of your reality. If you prefer to focus only on what you want to attract into your life write that.
  • Follow any guidance you receive from your inner self that FEELS right.  It is extremely important to remember to stop and collect yourself before celebrating your solstice Ceremony. When you are present in your body, with your mind in the Now moment, you will be able to feel when you are guided to do something different or in addition to what I have shared with you.

Set an intention for the ceremony such as…

  • to walk in gratitude for all Mother Nature’s gifts and perhaps
  • to be open to receive and transcend in the incoming high vibration energy
  • to connect with and honour nature and
  • to tune in to the Divine You and experience deep inner wellbeing, passion for life, love, peace and calmness.

Inherent in setting  your intention  is that not only will you benefit, but you will share the energy and gifts  from a sacred space and bring the Divine universal energy to all 7 billion humans and other life on the planet and in the universe.

Set up

Gather up a sacred cloth which you can use to place a candle, perhaps wine or juice and offerings  for Mother Earth.

I enjoy creating Maya Ceremony and Ritual.  I often  select a crystal  or  an other offering for Mother Nature like corn, tobacco,or flowers and something I wish to keep that will  be imbued with the energy of the ceremony such as a stone, acorn or crystal. If you don’t already have something, you might  choose something  from nature in the area you are celebrating that you would like to be imbued with the energy of the ceremony. Ask it if it is willing to come with you to symbolize and remind you of the sacred ceremony.  Listen to your intuition to hear the response.

The Mayans always ensured they included gifts like chocolate and tobacco for the Alucha, the mischievous creatures that delight in creating mischief in your life. I think they must be the ones who hide your keys, your cell phone, and create the small tricks in some peoples days.
Go to that  special sacred place that resonates with special high vibing energies. you identified in your Day 10 meditation. When you get to your special sacred place, Lay your offerings on the sacred cloth and light a candle. It represents the light and the smoke when you extinguish  it lifts the sacred energy of your ceremony above  to the heavens.

Connect with the Sacred

Connect to your highest self, nature, the energies of the 4 directions, East West North and South, and Mother Earth (below), Father Sky (above)  and within.   Invite them to attend the ceremony.  Be aware of any changes in nature – the sun coming out, a wind occurring, birds quieting….. she usually lets you know she’s there. 
Ask permission to conduct the ceremony from the energies of the ancestors and the natural elements of the area.
Ask the divine energies of the highest vibration, however you conceive them for guidance in carrying out your wishes. Feel your Oneness with them and the energy of Creation.

Part One – What Do You Wish to Move Out of Your Reality (Optional)

Think of what is whole in your life and what you wish to change. Do not put a lot of energy or feeling into this, just be aware. 

Take the paper with what is no longer useful or what you wish to eliminate from your reality and burn it. Know the energy has been transmuted into higher vibrations for use by the universe.

Part Two  Create Your Intentions.

Review your intentions. Remember the stick person I suggested you get to represent yourself? Write  your intention or theme word for the year.  If you have a mini-you, Wrap the intention or theme word around the stick person.

Close your eyes and lie, sit, or stand (in bare feet if the weathers mild enough) on the ground feeling mother earth supporting you, loving you.

Use your senses and feel what it is like to have your intentions manifested in your life right now:

  • Imagine what happens on a typical day.
  • Do you have a new habit? See yourself doing that.
  • What is your life like? Imagine a scene from your life and look around – where are you? What is around you? Are you inside or outside? What can you smell? Imagine touching something near where you are. What can you hear?  Where do you eat? What do you eat? How does it taste?
  • Do you have a new habit? See yourself doing that.
  • Is your intuition heightened? How do your messages come? Can you hear, see, know? Is there a signature scent eg. some people smell roses, when they feel Mother Mary energy.  Although in the newest energy the messages come directly to you thru your highest conscious inner wisdom, they still may carry the symbolic energy of a teacher for example Christ Consciousness, or Buddha Consciousness.  
  • As you see your new life notice…. Do you have new friends? relationships? A new job?
  • Do you live in same town?  The same country?

Really feel what it is like to have your intentions happening in your life right now.

Then take the Stick person or paper with your intentions written on it and burn it, like the phoenix signifying transformation.  Intend that the energy rises with the smoke alerting the universe to your intention.  Or you can keep the stick person in a sacred place and celebrate the intention having  actualized at the summer solstice..

Know it has already actualized in all dimensions and is coming in the best timing for all involved into the 3rd dimension.


Use any of the activities in the observances above or in the Day 9 -12 Days til Soulstice blog if you wish to do further ceremony.

When you feel complete, thank the directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky and all  the ancestors, guardians and energies that have attended.  Offer any gifts, drink the wine/juice if you brought it and spill some in offering to the above, below and within.  Tell them you honour them and love them and feel your connection with their sentient energies.

Image with gratitude to the Oogie Boogie Witch

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