Shift Happens:19 more sleeps! — How to feel well-being deep in your core

by on December 3, 2012

I believe in addition to the hallmarks of  harmony and collaboration that characterize this era, a signature feeling you have or will come to experience is that of deep well-being. It is the sense that no matter what  is happening around you, you know everything is more than all right.  You may even notice that if a part of you is caught up in the frantic energy of doing, you just have to shift your attention point to your core to attain this inner peace.


There are a variety of tools you can use to achieve this state of being rather than doing.  One way is by creating higher conscious perceptions of the events that occur in your life .   You can listen to an audio that uses this tool  in addition to reading the ‘how to’ here.

Steps to achieve well being:

1. Relax, Breath and Connect with

  • your Inner Self,
  • your immediate environment including people around you,
  • your bigger environment – nature, the energy of all that is and
  • source, universal or God energy, however you perceive it.

2. Think of your energy field as a huge expansive un-contained potential of high vibration. Notice how big this field can expand to.  Sense your Self as a mega-being whose energy flows gracefully, easily and rapturously.

3. As you shift, set the intention to  move into new cosmic perceptions from a place of higher conscious vibration; where every thought and emotion is an opportunity to compare and contrast and to clarify what you want to experience.

4. Focus your attention on and expect only the greatest magnificence and amazing aspects of a situation and you will get what you expect.  Allow any energy you might have thought of as negative to be unjudged. Merely recognize it as something you no longer have a use for because it is not a resonant match for the highest frequency you now emit.  Shift your attention point to well-being as other lower vibeing emotions and thoughts are neutralized.

5. Consciously focus on a feeling of well-being  that is present or taking root  deep in your core.  Notice this core place.  Where is it?  Some people find it in a deep wild place behind the area of  their 2nd chakra, or reproductive place of creation.  Feel the energy of deep peace and trust pulsing there.  Notice the awareness that everything is always going to be “better than ok”.  Everything is just fine.  It is different from a belief that life is unfolding as it “should” and that there is a perfect reason for what is happening that will ultimately turn out for the best.  It is a definite, certain knowing that all is well.  No qualifiers.

6.  Be aware of this well-being in all dimensions and possibilities and parallel existences.  You are vibrating in new and different energetic  field. When you consciously hold this level of light you magnetize others to it so all higher conscious vibrational possibilities you envision for living in the new era can be manifested.

7.  Feel the richnesss, the readiness and the ease within your unique self.

At this point I want to share an aside: a synchronistic event which enhanced and validated the work I was guided to do this morning on the audio Energy Zing.  

When I was checking out my facebook wall today I came across a channelled message that recapitulated and enhanced the essences of the energies I experienced during the Zing. I love synchronicity and the validating signs that come when we do what is ours to do.

I want to share this message with you now so you can feel the vibration of these words and be in a frequency which will enhance the last step I ask you to take with me as you use today’s tools to enrich your shift.

It is Love’s movement that is Light and becomes what we name consciousness. But it is the experience of Love that co-creates and then informs the consciousness, not the other way around. You already know that life is a dance of energy. In truth, it is one blossom of life, one movement, one explosion of Love and its accordance in the vibrational field — the response of the particles of Light to the movement of the waves of Love. All is happening in an instant.

~ Messages from God via Yael Powell (Circle of Light)


This tingling vibrational light of love consciousness was what I described in my ‘Shift Happens Energy Zing’ audio today.  From my perch in the cosmos,  I saw it as the Earth being an energetic matrix which looked like a big cream coloured dahlia with many petals; each one representing a unique person or sentient energy on earth. Each petal was receiving a song — music of the spheres from the universe.  It was then transmitting the song back out – infused with it’s unique essence – igniting the energy of the sound.

The unique energies became Oneness and Unity and created a symphony of love, light, peace and well-being, radiating throughout Mother Earth, its inhabitants, and out to the outer reaches of the omniverse, into the moreness and beyond.  

The zing from this shift was off the charts!

Fulfill Your Purpose: Do What is Yours to Do

Now that you have sensed the energy of the zing and the channelled message and know how to sustain a sense of well being, you can do what you are here to do with grace and high energizing.  It is time to take action.

In the spirit of giving after you received this gift of well being, ask what you can do now to make a difference in the world. Here is a high vibe way of  ascertaining  and doing what is yours to do:

  • Be aware of your energy centres or chakras and connect to your physicality and your mental, emotional, spiritual astral and etheric bodies.  You need to be grounded in your lower chakras in order to bring the work you do and the energy you create into the 3rd dimension.
  • Shift your focus from your unique energy signature to you as the whole – the Oneness of All That Is.
  • Become aware of  changes occurring energetically right now in the energetic fabric of the world and the cosmos. What new sentient energies are waiting for you to co-create with? From the place of  highest consciousness, certainty and well-being, move into whatever is yours to do in the moment.  (Be aware that what is yours to do may change rapidly in these shifting energies and with the new sense of core well-being, know that it’s OK.)
  • Do you see the ordinary and mundane or the super-extraordinary waiting to be created in what is yours to do? See how the mundane, seemingly routine and dull contains rapture and bliss. When you choose to look for it you perceive it.  Re-examine and allow a  new range of possibilities to emerge.  Plunge your etheric hands into the energy of creation and pull out something completely new, never imagined.  Ask what to do with this new energy, how to share it.  Intend it be available for use by those who choose it.  Know that since you are part of the Oneness it is yours if you so choose.
  • Allow yourself to fully experience this energy zing of creation then ask yourself if there is anything else you need to do to complete this ‘work’ .


I look forward to reading about your experiences on facebook or below as we move thru the cycle to the official end of this age and into the next.  Just 20 more sleeps!

Image from:   Messages from God via Yael Powell (Circle of Light) facebook post

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