Shift Happens: Thoughts still unsettled about December 21? – Manage and replace them with this.

by on December 17, 2012

OK, so you accept that the world isn’t going to end this coming Friday, December 21, 2012  You watched the pre-released NASA video for Dec 22 that I posted December 14.

But are you still having unsettling concerns that just maybe something mega-unsettling will happen?  If not on a global scale, maybe in your personal life? You just need to look around to see heart breaking tragedies.  Highly Energetically Aware people can certainly choose to focus on these and pick up others thoughts and feelings.  Or we can turn off the media and manage our thoughts.  I want to offer a process for managing your thoughts and share a video that shifts your perspective and stimulates alternative thoughts.

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Part of managing your thoughts means being aware of them.  So many possible scenarios are floating in the collective consciousness that they may occasionally float into your thoughts.  If you are not consciously aware of what vibrational level of thoughts you wish to tap into, you may access some that seem so bizzarre you may decide to play with them “just in case” or “just for fun”.

What if the aliens make contact with us? What if we do experience 3 days of darkness? I am open to limitless possibilites and also want to ensure my thoughts are not fear based if I choose to consider what might be percieved as  thoughts that are outside the norms of the collective consciousness.

The following is a summary of steps to help you recognize, challenge and change what might be perceived as unrealistic thinking patterns and manage your thoughts.   Remember, realize and accept that you create your reality.  Different people perceive the same situations with differing results, because they have different thoughts and beliefs.

  1.  Be consciously aware so you can identify the thought and situation.  Describe the actual event that you are wondering about.
  2.  Recognize the story you may have created about the situation.  Are there any “villains “?   Who might you be blaming?  Write down all the automatic thoughts that entered your mind about the situation.  “The  world might be in darkness for 3 days.  There could be panic in the streets.  I might be separated from my family and friends or we might be hurt”.  Unhook from the emotions and fears behind the story and focus on the thoughts.
  3.  Discern whether these thoughts are true?  Which of the thoughts are based on the facts, where true evidence exists to substantiate the thoughts? Are you absolutely sure they are true? Are you sure they are not true?
  4.  Identify which of the thoughts  are based on negative thinking, habitual thinking, unrealistic expectations or irrational or limiting beliefs.   Honour the thoughts. Is there anything you can learn from them?  Breath, relax and allow insights to materialize.
  5.  Choose to replace the fear based thoughts with  alternative higher vibeing ones.
  6.  Check in to notice if there are any changes in your feelings and behavior that may result from changing your thoughts and beliefs.
  7.  Give yourself credit for reframing your life and situations from a different perspective.  Accept and respect that others thoughts reflect their beliefs and realities.

“I believe this thought is unlikely.  December 2012 is a symbol for an exciting potential internal shift for human evolution.  The uneasiness I am feeling is general wonder about the unknown, anticipation and excitement about the limitless possibilities.  I create my own realities, so I can choose to respond to every situation in my life from a higher conscious knowing deep in my core that everything is fine no matter what apparent chaos is happening around me. When I act from this high vibeing certainty my thoughts are clear and innovative and I see the opportunities for doing and being. I may choose to accept that there are limitless possibilities and realities and live in the energies of the ones I wish to experience, while keeping a calm unconditional acceptance of others realities.”

I found a video by SimonWelsh that creates a new and I believe accurate story that can shift you into new thought patterns if you choose. Hope you will take 3 minutes to watch it.


If you have mastered letting go of fear based thoughts and really want to challenge and broaden your ability to explore limitless possibilities and respect uncommon thoughts, and if you still wonder if there are beings from the stars who will be contacting us you may want to watch  the youtube video 21 December 2012 A new message from the star nations

It based on information given to Judy Satori by what she perceives to be Star Beings to share with all on 12.12.12. They bring a message of peace, love and support to our planet at this time of Earth transition.  In the spirit of this blog, I keep open to the interpretation of the source of the message as cosmic beings and the limitless possibilities for what manifests in this and all multidimensional realities.
She says to be guided by how you feel when you hear the words.   Let the quickening of the energy as it flows into your body be the yardstick of the barometer of the truth.

I say to take what resonates according to your knowledge and inner highest connected wisdom and know that there are many various truths (with a small t) which you can let flow by with respectful detachment  if you do not have a matching vibration.

Image by spaceodissey

Video: 21 December 2012 Awakening Ancient Secret the zero point field by Simonwelsh33

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