Shift Happens: Guest Blog – What Happens After December 21 2012?

by on December 16, 2012

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One of my teachers, Dr. Richard Jelusich recently wrote an interesting blog post about life after December 21.  You may wish to take a moment before you read his guest blog to ask yourself  “What will my day to day life be like at this time next week”?    

Although we want to focus most of our energy on living each Now moment to its fullest,it is important as part of the Solstice preparation to have a sense-filled vision of how you want life to unfold.  This will ensure the universe can co-create our preferred reality.  

“We are very close now to the December 21st date, 2012.  I know, I’ve been teaching about it for many years and the thought occurs – “what will we be doing after December 21st has passed?

Miguel Angel and I just finished our 9 day journey in the land of the Olmec teachers in the Veracruz, Tabasco and Chiapas areas of southern Mexico.  The Olmecs had no glyphs or writings; they did leave behind giant carved stone heads weighing more than 30 tons.  Miguel Angel and I felt that the ‘silent teachers’, the wisdom of the Olmecs was consciousness passed to them from the Atlanteans and Lemurians.

Tres ZApotes IMG_7405
Olmec carved stone head in the Museum at Tres Zapotes.

That the greatest teachings are those found within.

And it is a process; it is not an event.  So we tend to think of 2012 as an event because of it’s calendar date, but it would be more accurate to think of December 21 as a punctuation of the Golden Age that is already happening.

What to do after December 21?  This is an initiation into the golden age – an initiation is a beginning where we learn to use the tools of the harmonious global human society and how to live in the higher states of consciousness that the Golden Age is.

We learn the importance of embracing, practicing and balancing the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine.  We learn that the feminine principle honors the Mother, the Mother Earth and the moral of nurturing each other.

We learn how to practice and conduct ourselves in a world without greed, without borders, without the perversion of one person taking advantage of another, without using money as a weapon.

La Venta IMG_7191.jpg
Mayan Teacher emerges to higher awareness, holding the balance of the feminine energies.  The ‘headdress’ is the symbol of the fire of the awakened 6th chakra.  His hands are holding twin ‘serpents’ (wisdom) connected to two feminine energies on either side..


We learn more about our responsibilities and our harmonious interaction with our Mother Earth.  We learn a global spirituality that recognizes all religions as returning us to the sacred path of awareness of the Oneness of all things.

We learn that there really is a “Christ” Consciousness grid of the Earth; that ley lines, grid lines, vortexes, sacred sites and their deliberate geometries really do raise consciousness and that the grid is charged by our continued prayer and meditations at these sites!

So our work continues: we are learning to practice a heart-centered presence of virtue and authenticity, and to be walking in FAITH, trusting the Inner Knower that guides us beyond only intellectual understanding.

We are evermore walking and waking in conscious co-creation; in harmony with all living things and with the heartbeat of our Mother Earth.  And we are learning the teachings of the indigenous cultures who have kept the laws of nature and of Spirit; we are journeying to sacred sites to do prayer, ceremony and meditation to open our hearts and minds to the will of the Creator within each of us – the Universal Mind.

IMG_5921 Dr J at La Venta Museum
Dr. J at La Venta Museum, Villahermosa.

There are many teachers today and many resources, giving advice and understanding about the shift in consciousness.  It is almost overwhelming the amount and variety of information.  Please be discerning: any real teacher will always point you towards your own inner teacher.  Trust within yourself with FAITH, and all else will proceed in highest order of inner harmony and consciousness.

And that faith is gained by EXPERIENCE, not by reading books or attending lectures, but by your personal participation in trusting where your heart leads fearlessly.

This coming year of 2013, I will continue to focus on the tools of the sacred feminine in order to be in balance with the sacred masculine.  There will be workshops in different cities and of course our yearly Journey to the Land of the Maya with my spiritual brother Miguel Angel Vergara.

Remain strong in your practice; rededicate and commit to your sacred path.  And above all, TRUST within your being – that is where all the sacred teachings reside.


In Love and In Service,

Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.
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