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by on December 4, 2012

Yesterday, my great friend and colleague Kathryne-Alexis Weygand wrote a blog that shares some helpful high vibeing hints that I resonate with and want you to have access to.  They will add to your tool pouch for experiencing the multiple 21 :12  energies you may be experiencing with effortless grace.  

One point to especially note is how important it is to ask for what you desire as KA reminds us the 12:21 Solstice will unfold for each individual in as much vibrational ease as consciously chosen in an expansion of time”.

I hope you will check out her facebook pages –Visionary Life Mentoring and Vortex Essences Pages after you read this.



December 3 2012 – Today is a moment of time, a time/date/cosmic alignment that many beings have watched for, worked for and prayed for through time as we view it.  A cosmic paradigm shift powered by appreciation. A moment, a tipping point into unity and resonance of the heart.

This appeared on my Facebook feed today to spark my knowing into sharing.

Technically, Dec. 3rd’s planetary alignment (Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Earth) is vertical, not horizontal as viewed from behind the pyramids of Egypt. Nonetheless, it’s still a cosmic event especially since there is also a Solar alignment with Earth and Jupiter, both of which are closest to each other on Dec. 1st (until 2021…thanks Luca for the correction). As for this graphic, you may check the orbital simulator at yourselves (or JPL/NASA’s simulator app). This shot is an aerial view of the alignments. That said, anyway you look at the solar system, there will be two alignments on Dec. 3rd: planetary and solar. Click the lower right hand button for their “NEW SOLAR SYSTEM MODEL”. It will display the planets as the rich graphics you see here. It allows you to move the viewing angle any which way you wish. Again, this is the aerial view at the specs indicated below the image: 3 DEC 2012 02:18 (AM). The direct link to Solar System Scope’s new modeling software is 

 My own knowing and enthusiasm is streaming in appreciation and gratitude and love for all (known or unknown) who have added their gifts, projects for understanding and energies and chose to bring about the grace available now to all life here on earth.)

A transition of preparation was asked for and allowed within the human conscious collective and therefore the 12:21 Solstice will unfold for each individual in as much vibrational ease as consciously chosen in an expansion of time. 

So many viewpoints and ideas for success were embraced and engaged to give rise to a solution of grace that offers all to attend, be assisted and empowered with the strength and gumption to claim their freedom. An evolutionary paradigm shift.

In daily life,

  • finding your own unique appreciation for “what is” by shifting your perception to one that feels good for you and then make a new choice following your good feeling emotions and knowing things will work out for you is one option (check out body of work)
  • allowing the possibility of inner guidance and connection to the greater consciousness of you is an option to begin. ( there are many avenues already available to discover. what flavor would you like? what beliefs or pathway feel natural to you?)
  • creating change by turning your focus towards what you do want, wish, desire to see in the world and slowing to a stop all the ways you spend time pushing against and adding energy to what you wish to change. (mind your own business vibrationally, emotionally with clarity in thought and speaking)
  • be honest and playful in correcting your choices through seeking joyful happy experiences for yourself and those who resonate.
  • in leadership, teaching, parenting, activism and media/entertainment meditate and ponder the future effects of your causes. (your creative projections into the future can be experienced for review)
  • daily remember you are infinitely connected and supported and guided. remember to tune in and listen for the inner voice giving you all the answers to your requests.
  • so much more is flowing for you to ease into and discover

Begin where you are find simple thoughts and ways to appreciate your manifestation, if you seek change, then focus on what you do want, wish, desire and allow those who resonate to appear.

Any change moves you forward when in appreciation.

 Printed by expressed permission KA Weygand @2012



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Kathryne-Alexis believes in living an extraordinary life and enjoying it! A visionary who transitioned after 24 years from working in the creative communication fields of theater, television and motion picture production into the alternative healing fields prompted by her own “wake up” call to well being.
She has a passion for creating new pathways to “lighten up” her clients, co-creators and those who find her by what she calls the celestial referral service.
Since 1990, she has studied, remembered, practiced and taught in the subtle energy healing arts as well as MCH – Heart & Soul work, Mastery of Language facilitation and currently is loving partnering with the Visionary Network.
Kathryne-Alexis helps her clients find, claim and awaken divine gifts and adept abilities they wish to experience in this lifetime. She sparks new levels of potential to emerge in excitement for living a ” New Normal” life, filled with new opportunities, solutions and thresholds to step into, through and quicken into sharing your own outrageous purpose, passions and extraordinary skills.
From interactive Life Path Visionary Readings to Powerup Energy Linkups she has developed a variety of self-empowering approaches tailored to discover, recognize, nurture and usher into being the unique expression of an individual’s heart’s desires.
Personal time with Kathryne-Alexis, alivens one’s inner guide to realize choice points for change, whether for moments where transformation with grace is needed or out of the box creative solutions to manifest your intentions and goals with clarity, understanding, and FUN! Her gentle yet powerful healing energies naturally flow bringing balance, harmony and a few giggles with every interaction.
As the co-creator and founder of Gaia’s Own Nature Essences 1997-2010, and now Vortex Essences she shares her “living from the vortex” wisdom through her life long connection to nature and knowledge of vibrational healing for all levels of being.

I can personally attest to the power and life shifting outcomes of KA’s work and teaching, having been a client and student of hers many times.  

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