Shift Happens: Celebrate with your own Solstice Ceremony

by on December 21, 2012

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Seize the Solstice Day.

There are many celebrations planned for this historic solstice, a once in 25,625 years event where the Earth Sun and Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy align in the precession of the Equinoxes.

It is the end of a 5125 years cycle– the length of one age. It is the beginning of what many ancient cultures forsee as a golden age.  You may remember the song “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”  That dawning began many years ago August 16, 1987 the date of an astronomical event called the harmonic convergence.  The peak of the shifting energy is actually tomorrow, December 21 2012.  The energetic shift will continue and wane for the next 18 years.

Whether you know it consciously or not, you have chosen to be here for this historic transition from an age of fear  hallmarked by attributes of will and power over others  to the next age hallmarked by harmony and cooperation, new healthier bureaucracies and structures  and more insight about what is ours to do to continue to evolve humanity into a unified, respectful, accepting society.

 As promised, here is a suggested process for celebrating this momentous event. 

1. Begin your Solstice day by getting quiet and focused. It is extremely important to remember to stop and collect yourself before undertaking any preparation. Do it in a respectful way- giving yourself the time needed. When you are present in your body, with your mind in the Now moment, you will be able to feel when you are guided to do something different or in addition to the ceremony ideas I am sharing with you.

2.  Connect to your inner self and the Energy of the Creator. Set your intentions for a ceremonial or ritual time. Some examples are:

  • To walk in gratitude for all Mother Nature’s gifts,
  • To be open to receive high vibration energy,
  • To connect with and honour nature and
  • To increase my skills and abilities to make the shift to experiencing love, peace and calmness during these uncertain times.

3.  Remember the law of giving and receiving. Be aware that not only will you benefit from your ceremonial time, but you will provide service and bring the divine universal energy from a sacred space to your customers, clients or even the people you encounter on the street.

4.  Take your morning shower or bath to symbolize your purification in body mind and spirit. This will raise your vibrational frequency and enhance your reception of  clear accurate messages and raise your vibrations by.

5. You might wish to select a crystal that is significant for you or something else you would like to be imbued with the energy of your ceremony. You could choose an offering to leave for Mother Nature.  Traditionally indigenous ceremonies include corn, beans, tobacco and chocolate.  I have also seen flowers, stones and crystals.    The Mayans always ensured they had gifts for the Alucha – mischievous  creatures that delight in creating chaos in our life. (I think they must be the ones who hide our keys, our cell phone, and create the small annoyances in our “out of flow” days). They particularly like chocolate tobacco and liquor.

6. Here is personal ceremony you can modify according to your inner guidance.

  • Connect with the environment, with Mother Nature and her cycles.  An easy way to do this is to go outside on the solstice. The exact time is12:13 PM (UTC) on December 21 2012. That’s 6:13 am EST for North America.
  • Using your 5 senses, look around — see the colours, smell nature  smell the snow or a tree the soil etc.) Listen for any natural sounds, feel the wind and a tree and flower, and see if there is anything that is safe to taste.
  • Reflect on how often you are in the habit of noticing your natural surroundings in your daily life. Make a plan for how you could incorporate it into your  day. For example, when I drive I notice the trees, landscape, clouds when I am stopped in traffic. It expands the heart and soul, focuses the mind on the moment and really decreases impatience and  irritation with fellow driver.
  • Feel your gratitude for life and all you have.  Intensify that feeling until you experience bliss and connection with everything inside and around you….All Your Relations past present and future, in bodies and form and without.
  • From that highest vibration place of bliss connect and receive with source energy. The energy of All That IS, whatever you call the energy of Creation.
  • This year the Earth, Sun and Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy align at the moment of the winter solstice.  Connect with this cosmic energy and then expand and connect with all energy in the omniverse…. All subatomic particles, possible forms of life even if they are single cells.  Receive the energy of love and light from everywhere around you and beyond the beyond.
  • Set your intention for the next cycle, the season, the year, the next age.
  • Express your respect honour and love for All Your Relations and All That Is, and offer whatever service you are called to in that moment.
  • End the ceremony respectfully thanking all the beings who have joined you to celebrate this amazing historical moment.

Image: Embrace the Light from the Greenfarms blog

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