Shift Happens: 21 Insights That Indicate You ARE Evolving

by on December 7, 2012

As we get closer to December 21, do you find yourself wondering whether you have really progressed in your personal and spiritual growth?

Some folks  I know are sharing that their old stuff is whizzing up and releasing so quickly it is making their head spin. Indeed if you imagine your position in the spiral labyrinth we are living, it is hard to know if you are looking forward or back across the loop to an issue you thought you had let go of. Is it coming up again and why? If this is happening to you, it is time to breathe deeply, and shift your perspective to look at the big picture. Your whole being, all your energetic bodies are reconfiguring and cell memory is being dumped to allow the new energies to be laid down.

As we evolve in our spiritual transmutation process, we release lower frequency energies, and transform our body-mind, emotions and spirit by aligning ourselves with new and higher vibrational energies. This ensures our shift into a new and higher way of living and being. Sooner or later, we realize that we are no longer subject to many of the signs and symptoms of waking up or ascending. This is an indicator that we are ready to shift to a higher frequency. After we move to the next level we often feel supercharged and do everything better. Eventually, we may experience some of the above symptoms again, feeling lethargic and having difficulty accomplishing anything. This is normal. Our bodies and minds are adapting to the higher vibrations, and the signs will again decrease. It can be discouraging if we are not aware that this process occurs. We may beat ourselves up and wonder why we can’t stay in higher vibration. However, when you recognize that it is part of a cycle, it makes it easier to allow yourself some time to adjust.

There comes a time in our spiritual evolution when we have higher vibration light in our body so we can connect with others more easily. We have integrated our life lessons and have experienced some important insights that change our behaviour. We:

• Become aware no one needs to be “fixed” (including our self);
• Understand that in pure consciousness there are no problems and no solutions;
• Realize we no longer need to refer to anyone or anything outside our self; the answers from Source consciousness are within;
• Rarely experience lack – our needs are met easily and effortlessly;
• See the value and necessity of collaboration rather than feeling ego based “shoulds“ to make something thing happen by ourselves;
• See the bigger picture, the ramifications of our actions, how others can contribute, and where we fit in.
• Connect instantly to Source wisdom – we don’t need long periods of meditation listening for the small still voice;
• Stop offering our services – allowing others to ask for it;
• Despite outward chaos, feel protected and experience a deep down knowing that everything is OK, peaceful and serene;
• Make our first priority our personal happiness and health;
• Allow others to suffer, knowing this is important for their growth; it has a higher purpose, and comforting interferes with the process;
• Have stronger boundaries and have a strong sense of what is appropriate for our self at that time rather than going along with what others want us to do or believe;
• Become visibly impatient with people who do not take responsibility and only appear to be making an effort to move into higher consciousness;
• Stop wanting to accumulate material goods and are content to appreciate them where they are. No longer concern ourselves with getting what we want, and allowing things to unfold in a flexible way;
• Realize that the behaviour of others has nothing to do with us, all that happens it not about us, therefore we no longer take things personally;
• Become very aware of and connect to the beauty of what is around us;
• Give up the desire to save anyone or anything;
• Realize we are imperfectly perfect;
• Decide on something based on our gut feeling and intuitive knowing rather than a logical process;
• Spend more of our time and focus on just one of our passions, instead of pursuing many interests;
• Realize that although the 3rd dimension we live in is an illusion, we make an impact on others and on the environment with every action we take.

We may still feel restless, as if something big is going to happen, but rather than calling it fear we know to be alert and call the feeling excitement or anticipation. Kryon, channelled by Lee Carroll, attributes this to Kundalini Energy and says it is a physically real, chemical reaction and feeling. We do get used to this surging energy and recognize it as positive.

So, with 14 more sleeps until the “official” beginning of the next big cycle, see if you recognize any of these characteristics and check in to see if you would add or take away any insights regarding your evolution.


Image: Now all I need is a cape by   Zach Dischner 

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Serbjit Kandola December 26, 2012 at 1:21 am

Thank you for sharing these thoughts Diane…very helpful in understanding where I am right now-and very cool with the letting go of where others are-if someone had rescued me or if I allowed myself even more escapes then I would not have learned what I learned as quickly…so let others be! We all “get there” when we get there!


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