Reprogram your Neural Pathways. Default to Fun and Freedom

by on July 18, 2016

Choose to Live in Higher Consciousness and Act Accordingly.

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You can reprogram your neural pathways so they automatically search for situations or activities which bring joy to your life in each new now moment.  Whenever possible, choose fun, freedom and childlike attitudes of wonder and limitless possibilities. Play differently, and unanticipated, remarkable and perhaps enchanted happenings will occur.  Creating or participating in fun events is an excellent way to be in higher vibration.  Making a habit of doing this for the highest percentage of your day will reprogram your neural pathways, create high frequency chemical cocktails and increase your happiness set point.
Make a joy-full choice 
Choosing higher vibration words when you speak also helps you reach and stay in higher consciousness. Remember you can choose what action or inaction to take. Since this can be overwhelming if you are new to being awake and aware, I advise you to take baby steps. It’s ok not to have the whole picture, not to know all the steps you need to take.  In fact, it is a benefit not to know. Because the energy right now is shifting so fast, it’s easier to be more flexible and go with the flow when you don’t have a plan.

Ask How you can bring the most joy, fun, happiness to each next activity   Approach  activities with light, playful wonder and be unattached to the outcome. Ask how you can bring the most joy, fun, happiness to each  next activity,   When you have a light energy signature you become very magnetic, so try to sustain this manner all the time. Here’s some tips to help:

  •  Borrow your nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or offer to babysit so that you can watch children play. This is usually a very quick way to help you sustain higher vibration energy.
  • Dance or do some other movement.
  • Connect with a pet by holding or playing with it.
  • Be childlike. See through the eyes of a child as if you had never seen something before. Abandon decorum and throw yourself into the snow and make a snow angel.  Run through a sprinkler on a hot day with your suit on.  Jump in a puddle.
  • Make it your goal to find something to enjoy in every situation. For example, I prefer many activities to housework. But by committing to find something enjoyable in every situation in order to maintain higher vibration energy, I challenge myself to find something new every time I do a chore. I have really found pleasure in seeing a clean toilet, enjoyed using my sense of smell with the cleaning products I use. When the effect of the good smell no longer did it for me I imagined myself as Cinderella, cleaning just after I’d met Prince Charming (knowing of course that he would find me and hire someone to clean for me).
  • Here’s another rather bizarre way I played with while cleaning the toilet.  Now, as you know, I connect with plants and animals, so it wasn’t that much of a stretch to play with the idea of connecting with the energy or the spirit of my toilet. I told it I was grateful it was an indoor toilet and that it flushed.  I thanked it for working so well and staying leak free. Well, that was kind of unusual and funny, and my frequency rose even more when I thought about how my family and acquaintances would respond if I told them this was my new mindfulness practice.  So, let go of your dignity. I have found being playful can lead to higher vibration, which leads to living more consistently in higher consciousness.
  • Go into the toy section of your local store and find the stuffed toys.  Find one with buttons you can push and make it giggle, jiggle, talk, dance.  If no ones around take its hands/paws and pretend to dance or sing and move its hands in time.  Enjoy the pleasure of playing .  (no guilty pleasures please…. feel the fun)

One other thing about being childlike and playing -Substitute the word and think of the concept play instead of work. Try and think of a playful way to do everything you can.

Be childlike

Put the ideas for changing your neural pathways by taking action.  Be consciously aware when you try following fun activity. Conscious awareness doesn’t mean being serious; just plan to experience joy. Check in with your Physical Mental Emotional and Spiritual Self as you do the following:

Colour Spontaneously

I’ve been suggesting people try this activity since I first started showing people how to live more simply and enjoy life – more than a decade before adult colouring books became popular.  You can get large rolls of colouring paper at IKEA –  (or maybe its for covering craft tables for your children) if you want to get really fancy. You can go online and search for”pictures to colour”  Otherwise……

∞ Take a couple of  blank piece of paper, (it can even be the back of an envelope) crayons if you have them  or even use just a pencil and pens (use different pressure to make it look like another colour).

∞ Try “scribbling” -colouring without purpose or plan.

∞ Next, Draw a frame with room outside it to write.

∞ Now draw a simple picture with just the outlines of an object like you’d find in a colouring book.   A frame with maybe a flower, bird, horse, sky  – just something you can colour.

∞ Colour the picture. Deliberately colour outside the lines and the frame too as if you were a young child. Hold the crayon in your fist and move your whole forearm keeping your wrist stiff.

Check In

Notice how you feel doing this.   Were you judging your scribbles? Was it easy or hard to go out of the lines?  Why do you suppose that could be?

Sometimes its hard because a parent or teacher stressed the importance of staying in the lines and your cellular memory and amygdala raise that anxiety again.  One person I asked to try this said it wasn’t esthetically pleasing.

Do either of those resonate with you?

Perhaps if you found it hard, you may be most comfortable when you are controlling a situation.  It can be difficult to sustain higher conscious vibration when you are attached to what is going on around you.

You may prefer to follow the rules.  What if you asked yourself “Who made the rule that you have to colour inside the lines? ”  What is the worst that could happen if I coloured outside the lines.  You can make that fun by imagining all the catastrophies that could happen.

How would it be to shift your perception of what is esthetically pleasing?


Raise your vibration and live in higher consciousness by doing whatever pleases you;  that can be playing in a childlike wondrous way or it can be “play for adults”.  Meditate, walk, read or hike; Watch movies, listen to music, attend workshops, connect with other like-minded people, nature and All That Is;     Allow yourself to be excited and enthusiastic; Be curious;  Really feel higher frequency emotions like joy, peace, fulfillment, serenity; Laugh, Dance, Move, Hug, Sing, Yodel!  These will all help change your neural pathways and sustain your higher vibration habits and beliefs.

Image by by Alexis photos pixabay creative commons

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