Recipe for a Merry Christmas

by on December 23, 2016

Now that you have celebrated Solstice, and the new Era’s  birthday lets carry on and get ready for a cool Yule filled with good vibrations, and a jinglebell jamboree.

The holidays will be extra special this year.  Christmas and Hanukkah fall on the same day, December 25, and Kwanzaa falls, as is usual, December 26. This is lovely! The  moon will be in Scorpio then moving into  Sagittarius, whose energy links all people in one universal family of man. Scorpio is a sign of spirituality, belief, and regeneration, so it fits perfectly with our holiday season.



Recipe for a Merry Christmas


Take a…
C risp December day
and sprinkle it with snow…add a
H elping of the special
joys you cherish so… blend in
R ings of laughter
and the glow of candlelight…mix
I n wreaths of holly
and a tree all shiny-bright
S eason with the greetings
of good friends and loved ones, too…add
T he Yuletide wishes that
are old, but ever-new
M ix in Christmas carols
and the sound of silver bells
A nd don’t omit the story
that the holy season tells
S erve with feelings of good will
and love in generous measure

And you will have the makings for
a Christmas you will treasure!



Give a listen to the fun song Jingle Jamboree here.   Its got a powerful message.

“Well, it’s all right if there’s no stockings on the wall
‘Cause what matters most is peace on earth
And goodwill to all

Well, everybody’s got something that a baby needs
They say the more you give, the more you will receive
Well, don’t worry if you can’t give nothin’, ain’t a harm
Well, it’s the state of mind that matters most of all”

Thanks to Blue Mountain Cards for the recipe and Alice Popkorn Flickr Creative Commons for the image.

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