Make the most of June 2016’s Rare Solstice /Full Moon Energy with a Deeper Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Connection

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In the northern hemisphere, Monday, June 20, 2016 at 3:34 PM PDT we celebrate the Summer Solstice – the day with the longest hours of light in the year. Although most people associate it with the beginning of summer, it is the turning point of the year, since the days will now become shorter.  Yes the temperatures will begin to soar, yet energetically I have read that spring plants reach their height on the summer solstice. In the summer we tend to nuture the seeds we planted both in our gardens and in our goals and projects.  And we can prune the parts that are not giving us the results we desire.  A great metaphor is to think of pruning tomatoes plants.  When you remove the suckers that stimulates the growth of the fruit.

Kathleen Whelen, Vedic astrologer notes  “Solstice is the ENERGETIC center of the season.  

The energetic seasons are more connected with our human physiology and our circadian rhythms – the healing and vital nature of our bodies and of all plant life, our gardens and our food are connected to the cycles of the Sun and the monthly waxing and waning of the Moon.” 1

The energy is especially strong and auspicious this Solstice as it coincides with the June strawberry full moon.  A Full Moon hasn’t occurred on the same day as the Solstice since 1948. It is also the fourth full moon of the season between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. 2    So be prepared to feel the stirrings of possibilities rise up within and connect with your deep wild core —- the name I use for the place you create from.  

Kathleen Whalen also notes “In addition this Full Moon is aligned with the centre of our galaxy – whoa – think about that, our solar system’s Sun will have the full moon between it and the center of our galaxy. ….. That means as you look at the rising full moon on June 20th you will be looking in the direction of the galactic centre.  [that will] Supercharge your Jets.”

She goes on to say “It is like the two centers of our solar system and galaxy are charging this full moon (The center of the galaxy is a super massive black hole, which is surrounded by young star factories throwing millions of degree winds that get flung into the galaxy suburbs. For instance, one spot near galactic center produces Xrays from SagittariusB1 that is surrounded by a halo of gas that is 5,000 times more massive than the Sun. from CXC)  That is some massive light bathing the Moon from both sides.

The region of sky in early Sagittarius is called the root, and planets or the Moon aligned here bring deep, intense spiritual lessons. ” 3.

If this alignment sound familiar it is somewhat similar to the December 21 2012 Solstice when the  earth, the sun and our solar system was in alignment with the centre, the galactic equator of our Milky Way galaxy. Although the exact midway point when the winter solstice was in conjunction with the galactic equator was December 21, 2012, in actuality it takes about 36 years for the complete conjunction to occur. The effects of this alignment on our human energy began in the mid 1980s and will finish in about 2018. 4.

 I’m reposting a past blog to give you ideas for how to prepare for solstice if you wish to have a deeper experience and connection. Since there is a full moon I’m adding an element of connecting to that power and offer a video below of a yoga practice of the moon salutation to do solstice evening.  Enjoy

If you are drawn to experience the deeper meaning of the Solstice and want to take advantage of this extra blast of possibilities,  take time to prepare. Historically and today, people in many cultures spend time in preparation for the Summer Solstice.  The Maya spent days 7 days prior to the day of the solstice and 7 days following as sacred time.

Preparing for the solstice is a symbolic act to some and a spiritual experience for others. Each outer step symbolizes a key principle, impacts our inner growth and moves us forward on our life path. If you feel so inclined or feel called to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the Solstice, you can draw from the suggested activities below.

1. Be consciously aware of your feelings and thoughts and shift them into higher vibration of love and gratitude when necessary. A quick way to do this is to think of some Thing that makes you feel really blissful.

2. Did you make any resolutions for the New Year? Do you have any goals for personal growth? Are you working on any projects? If you have, reflect on your activity since setting these goals and make any changes to keep you on track. Celebrate your successes and feel your vibrations getting higher.

3. What do you want to materialize in your life? You may want to ask yourself:

• How can I release limiting beliefs or modify my thought patterns, to generate
higher vibration energy? What can I prune that will result in increased freedom to flourish and soar?
• What old connections could I release now, for my highest good?
• Where can I turn for inspiration and assistance?
• What are the best ways that I can refresh myself, physically and spiritually?  Ensure this isn’t a mental exercise only.  Remember to deeply feel the vitality and Energy Zinging thru you
• What wisdom is seeking to reveal itself to me at this time?
Follow any guidance you receive from your inner self that FEELS right.
4. Set your intentions for the summer ‘til the Fall Equinox, September 22, considering the summer cycle of nature. The summer is a time when growth and development occurs. A little weeding and pruning may be done, but for the most part, it involves ensuring crops and plants get enough water, nourishment and protection.

In the summer time of our creative cycles, we should also allow our ideas and projects to develop with minor tweaking. Just as we don’t pull out a plant to make sure its roots are growing, we should relax and trust things are unfolding as they should and not disturb our creations The important thing to remember as you set your intention is Do not create stress for yourself.

5. Enjoy and feel the process.

6.  On June 19, the evening before solstice take time as the sun sets and moon rises to become One with them both.  Feel their energy combine in you and build into a powerful but graceful force.  Speak  your intention knowing it is actualizing in your everyday Reality.  You may wish to move the manifestation into place by doing the Moon Salutation on the Video Below, or by moving as guided by your higher self to the inner symphony of the cosmos

7. On the Solstice, connect with your inner self, bathe as a symbol of preparation of cleansing lower vibration energy and readiness to receive. Throughout the day connect with the Sun, All Life and Be acutely Aware of Nature and her Gifts.   Be in gratitude (the emotion with the highest vibration) for what is unfolding in each now moment of the summer season.  You may wish to end the day with another Moon Salutation to stretch and connect with your body’s highest frequency and harmonize your energy with the power of the rare 4th full moon of the season falling on Solstice

Kathleen Whalen has two other activities which you may wish to consider to enhance your rare Solstice/Full Moon experience. 

When you are doing #6 above, “Let the light of the Sun shower healing upon you in the reflection of the Moon, knowing that the dark side of the moon is receiving rays from the center of the galaxy, as you stand aligned with the rising full Moon.”

8. “Have a harmonic convergence with friends and family, as you watch the Moon rise on Solstice.” 3

Enjoy the Summer Solstice 2014 Video by Jeffery Hunt

Chandra Namaskar Moon Salutation Video by BlissBody&Soul

Images  Sun from Gail Crowley’s Facebook page  Moon by Micheal Provost, Toronto Canada

1 Kathleen Whelen [VedaGuide] Light is the answer: Solstice and Full Moon Coincide email.


3. Kathleen Whelen [VedaGuide]  Full Moon: Look to the Galactic Centre and Harness Light email.

4. Gina-Dianne Harding From Fear to Eternity: 212 Ways to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs and Shift Your Energy into Higher Consciousness Living  Balboa Press, 2011



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