Recipe for a Merry Christmas


Now that you have celebrated Solstice, and the new Era’s  birthday lets carry on and get ready for a cool Yule filled with good vibrations, and a jinglebell jamboree. The holidays will be extra special this year.  Christmas and Hanukkah fall on the same day, December 25, and Kwanzaa falls, as is usual, December 26. This […]

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Happy 4th Birthday Earth. Celebrate the Nascent Golden Age of Consciousness.

Birth 2012

Today is the 4th birthday of the New Era.  Dec 21 2012 was  considered the end of one World Age and the beginning of another. Although  this was the exact midway point when the winter solstice was in conjunction with the galactic equator in actuality it takes about 36 years for the complete conjunction to occur. Astronomically […]

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Solstice Is Here. Choose from a Smorgasbord of Ceremonial Delights for Your Soulstice Renewal

12 days til Soulstice

   It is just 4 years since December 21, 2012, the dawn of the new era. This event, called the Precession of the Equinoxes, happens every 25,920 years when the winter solstice sun rises in conjunction with the galactic centre. This was why the Maya Calendar ended on this date. It is considered the end of one […]

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