Making the Most of the Marvelous September Super Energies

by on September 3, 2016

Nine lights by bazzadarambler

Do you ever wonder if astrology, numerology, cosmic events and such are relevant to higher conscious living?   September is such an astounding month full of significant energies if you can look at them from their highest octave. You’ll see that the energies have similar themes, so the intensity which you can create with is so much more potent than usual. The numerological energy is unique and fascinating.  Each day is a triple energy day- more potency and potential . Read on to find out more….

When you engage with the energies of September, be sure you

  • first get into your highest vibration of bliss,
  • go to your still point,
  • set the intention to have clear connections to receive information and messages from the highest pure conscious frequencies, and
  • develop a plan for using the information and insights received for your and others greatest good.

So let’s consider what the possibilities are for living in moreness, this month.

Sept 9,  9-9-9 is a cosmic gateway so be sure and tune in, align and download the codes coming thru for your evolutionary upgrade that day. I will probably be posting more about this on my Beyond the Infinite Doorway or Divine You Facebook pages next week.

Mercury Retrograde Aug 30-Sept 22

Right now we are in a mercury retrograde.  The common collective conscious holds the energetic belief that you should beware of glitches in transportation, communication, technology.  And, they say, you should never sign a legal contract.  If you buy into that, you are definitely aligning with dense vibration.  However, it is possible to choose a different higher frequency reality.  From a place of pure consciousness there are no problems and therefore no solutions needed.

Having said that, I have to laugh that I lost this blog when I went to publish it on a different website after having spent hours on Sept 1 working on it.  I’ve chosen to believe that my blood sugar was low because I skipped dinner and/or that this information was better suited to you, the reader of this webpost, rather than the one I initially was going to post it on.  So here I am re-writing a new and improved version.  

The higher octave of Mercury retrograde is a time of intuition and introspection. It is an excellent time to do all things “re”. Re-connect with Source, with your own divinity.  Go with the flow rather than trying to take defined action.   If what you are doing is not easy then re-direct your attention and energy.    Re-mind yourself of what really matters.  Re-lax.

Review your projects and what direction your life is taking.  If you are fairly new on your personal growth/spiritual path, this is an excellent time to release whatever aspects of your life are no longer serving you.  They may include attachments to outcomes or to people or situations that are no longer a good vibrational match for what you wish to experience in your life.  Doing this review during the time of the full moon lunar eclipse will increase the power significantly. (see below)

Eclipse Season

You can use the powerful energy of the eclipses to heighten your intuition and spirituality.

September 1 was a New Moon solar eclipse, the second part of the eclipse season. It is completed with the Full Moon lunar eclipse September 16 which begins at 9:54 am and ends at 1:54pm PT.   16:54 -20:54 UTC

I have found it is important for my spiritual life to tune into the cosmic energy cycles of eclipses, the moon and the annual cycles of solstices and equinoxes. Connecting to the bigger cosmic consciousness of the universe helps keep me focused on the greater picture and how I want to make a difference rather than wallowing in the day to day 3d illusions of life.

You can still take advantage of the sizzling solar eclipse energy as it lasts for days before and after the actual eclipse.  Connect with your passion and engage with the divine cycles to co-create your preferred reality. Use the new moon energy to envision unimagined ways of leading the life you yearn for.  Use the tools and resources you have been learning here to make a difference in your life and those whom you touch.  Remember you have a choice of how you perceive your experiences and how you respond.  Choose creative, inspired, highest conscious ones to unleash the limitless possibilities that await you.

The lunar eclipse September 16 is in Pisces, so it’s all about psychic and spiritual energy, opening up to Oneness and your connection with the Divine You and Source.  It can bring some big insights especially related to self mastery and your intuitive abilities.  Allow your heart to open and feel. Live from this heart centered energy  Be compassionate and non judgmental as you just feel all emotions knowing they have come up to be released so you can move on to being in Divine Union with your Self and the All That IS.  We will still be in Mercury Retrograde, so this is a very powerful  time to do the review I suggested above.  Believe in the impossible and believe you deserve it.  (If you want some help with the critical committee inside your head check out this link)

Since the full moon tends for most people to be about completion, the numerological significance of Septembers full moon is especially powerful for looking at what is ending and what you will be finishing up in the last quarter of the year beginning with the equinox September 22.

You can read more about how to play in the equinox energies;  how to honour the annual cycle;  address the time of harvesting, completing projects, and bringing endings in posts here beginning mid-September.


The 9th Month Energies  

Numerologically, 9 is about endings, celebration and culmination. Its a Utopian number that allows you to see the possibilities of the  new beginnings to come, and you need to attend to the endings to release energies that no longer serve you  in order for the new to be activated.  You are creating space for your dreams to actualize. It’s important to come to this from the highest frequency and find the joy and freedom of release. The triple 9 energy which is present all month offers the power to do this easily and effortlessly.

It is also about introspection and intuition.

The Maya believe it’s about completion, expansion, mastery, fulfillment of a grand design and unfolding of larger patterns.  In 9, the past present and future meld into one. When you attract the energy of 9 you are poised on arc of grand circle of time. I have seen reference to the sacred geometry of 3 triangles.

Another source says “Number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, Universal Spiritual Laws, the concept of  spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, lightworking, leading by positive example, philanthropy, destiny, life purpose and soul mission, generosity, a higher perspective, responsibility, intuition.

The qualities of the number 9 are those of leadership, the ability to see clearly, integration, the three worlds – physical, intellectual, spirituality, last symbol before return to unity, ability to understand, inborn talents, introspection, personal integrity, unity, concord, dissolves ego attachments,

People with the 9 energy work without motive. Their purpose is for the greatest good of all. visionary with an insight into the Universal Higher Laws of Life.  They are psychic, sensitive and thoughtful. ”

So What does all this mean?  I will be sharing some ideas on how to use this information near the end of the blog.  But in the meantime, keep it in the back of your mind as you consider how you are going to navigate September, the 9th month.


September is the beginning of the last quarter of the year.  2016 is also the end of a 9 year cycle (2+0+1+6=9).  So it is an auspicious time to consider and celebrate what you have accomplished and what you wish to complete before the end of the year.

Triple Energy Days

I was fascinated to learn that this is a special month numerologically.    Each day is a triple master number.  The triple days intensify the energy of the number and cement your spiritual insights and AhHa’s and any practices are more potent. The universe is offering you an extremely powerful energy to ensure you are getting the benefit of each day’s vibrational energy.


If you want to understand how the triple days are determined I hope the following explanation helps.

Sept 1  is a “one day” but when you look at the full date, the month is a 9 and the year is a nine.  When you add this on to the one day they add up to 1-1-1   (day and month-1+9=10=1 ) /day month and year 2016 =9+1=10=1

Sept 2  2, /2+9=11=2 /, 2+9+2016=20=2, —   2-2-2

Sept 3  3,/ 3+9=12=3/, 3+9+2016=21=3, 3-3-3

Sept 22  master number so it has significant energy as it is  and it also has the energy of 4 /2+2+9= 13=4/ 2016= 9+4= 13 = 4

If you are excited by the fact that you can be really charged up and create so powerfully with each days energy, then google numerology of each days number, check out a couple of sites that you resonate with and align with the energy that you wish to manifest that day. I’ve included a couple of sites that seem high vibeing at the end of the blog.

It’s important to remember that almost everyone has their filters that affect their perceptions of the world, AND you can still get still, tune in and ask for clarity as you discern what resonates with you.


If you aren’t really all that into checking each day’s energy, then just know that the 9th 18th 27th are all triple 9 days are great for letting go, going with the flow, connecting with your divine soul and your passion.  Select any aspects of the information about the number 9 energies above and spend a few moments breathing in that energy a few times on the triple 9 days.

So What- How Can I Use This?

I imagine you have lots of ideas for how you can make September the best month possible.

Here are some fun and unique ideas for playing in the energies.

As I mentioned at the start of this article, begin by

  • first get into your highest vibration of bliss,
  • go to your still point,
  • set the intention to have clear connections to receive information and messages from the highest pure conscious frequencies,

*    Remember and celebrate your accomplishments in the last 9 years.

Then connect with the energy of the event or day

  • Get into a relationship with the retrograde, eclipse, moon cycle, equinox, triple energy day. Sense it as a sentient being.  Feel its qualities, ask it what its attributes are, what energies it carries.
  • If you resonate with the energies and would like to download them, ask the being to imbue you or merge with it. Know the frequencies are being embodied in your cells and subatomic particles and instilled in your mind and field so they will automatically be ‘online’ whenever you desire.  Feel the triple potency of the day energies and attributes.  They are your new ‘superpowers’
  • Tune in to your Divine Self. Consider what’s important to your own souls calling.  Feel your passion pouring thru every subatomic particle actualizing in the now moment.
  • Set an intention that when you choose your actions and activities during each day you will remind yourself self of what really matters.
  • On Sept 9, 18 and 27 focus on the number 9 and its attributes. Sense your intuition tripling and intensifying and choose any attributes you wish to expand.  Visualize what your life is like with these skills and attributes.
  • See your Mastery being woven into larger loom of Reality as you are poised on arc of grand circle of time shaped like the number 9. Go on a vision quest to connect with the cosmic energies
  • Doodle the triple numbers, make shapes with them, play with the triple triangles that make 9 forming them and reforming them into different symbols, be aware of the messages and insights that come as you create
  • Develop an action plan for using the information and insights received for your and others greatest good. Be specific.  Indicate what you will do, what resources you will need, when you will do it.  Be open to the outcome.
  • Consider how you can share your insights and abilities with other beings.

So in answer to the question “Are astrology, numerology, cosmic events and such relevant to higher conscious living?”  It depends on your focus and beliefs.  If you believe it is and filter information from the highest frequency vantage point, you can connect with the energy and co-create exciting possibilities.



My favorite sources for numerology are

Melody’s book Love is in the Earth.  Its primarily about crystals, but it has an excellent section on master numbers. Mayan Oracle. The return Path to the Stars by Ariel Spilsbury and Micheal Bryner has super high frequency information about the numbers 1-13

On Line Resources  I’ve found this to be fairly comprehensive. You have to hunt a bit through the blog archives for 2011 to find the most extensive description of the numbers, but a short description on the attributes of the numbers is probably enough for the less compulsive.  I don’t read the ‘negative’ or dense vibration information on the numbers.


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