June Solstice 2017…..Download the New Energy

by on June 19, 2017

Summer is upon us in the northern hemisphere.  This year the Solstice occurs June 20 9:24 PM pacific time.   4:24 am UTC . And abundance of Succulent fruit are starting to ripen.  Strawberry socials are being held and people are luxuriating in the warmth and power of bright sunny days (somewhere I’m sure.  We’ve even had a couple of warm ones in the Pacific Northwest.)

There are many ways to celebrate the solstice, from thanking Mother Earth for the abundance she provides, to diving into the metaphysical meanings and aligning with the power that expands and  moves us into highest frequency.

Solstice is a great time to connect with the earth; mindfully receiving what she offers, taking action to show your love and respect for her, being aware to live in harmony with all who inhabit this great planet.  It is also time to connect with the sun and remember the ancient ones who celebrated its power to warm us and enhance the growth of the crops.


 As I have written on past blogs for summer solstice, in the wheel of the year, it’s the time when we nurture the seeds of the visions we planted in the spring.  We can align with the suns power to increase the fertility of these seeds so they grow into what’s longing to emerge from our deep wild core.  Our creativity is inspired and explodes into awemazing outputs with the power of solar energy.  If you live in the southern hemisphere you can begin to design and incubate what you wish to happen in the spring.

I have several blog posts with information about summer and winter solstices traditions and ideas for celebration and ceremony that you can find by clicking on the topics on the left sidebar of this article.  

This solstice is providing another opportunity to align with the newest energy coming in, amplified by the Sun, using its radiance to passionately make a difference in our lives and in the way we play in the world.

This particular solstice occurs at an auspicious time since the galaxy is still aligned with the new energy of the golden age of consciousness until December 2018.  The Source information that is coming in is changing our energy  and physical bodies, providing us with new perspectives, opening us to new realities where tremendous shifts into highest consciousness living are potentiated. The earth is being imbued with high frequency cosmic light which can be used to leap forward in achieving great success in your current projects. See  and know yourself as the Great Being that you are as you use this momentum.


Some of these new perspectives allow us the opportunity to realize the illusions we’ve agreed to live with in our 3D world.  We no longer need to live with dualities that result in separation.  Instead we can realize our similarities and see the divine sparks within.  Be open to new ways of looking at what’s happening in the world. Instead of looking outward for guidance we can learn to tap into and trust out inner knowing and wisdom.  Pay attention to the high frequency images and messages you receive during the intense energy of this solstice

Make the most of this Solstice

This solstice take some time to be alone in nature.  Contemplate the idea that you are becoming more than a human being.  Play with the possibilities that we can create the reality of our choice.  Feel into the newness and see if you notice brighter colours in nature, enhanced senses of sight, smell, taste and hearing.  What if your evolution involves new senses? What if there are new energy codes coming in that enhance your illumination? Accept that this isn’t your imagination.  Go even deeper and align with the cosmic flow of the suns’ power, even if it’s not sunny.  Go above the clouds to the great sun and connect with its source.   Ask questions about the big picture and know the answers will come, perhaps not in that moment, perhaps in signs and symbols as you go about your life.  A particular song on the radio, an ad on the bus, a book that you randomly open and read… Have fun!


No matter if you are celebrating the peak of the suns’ power in the northern hemisphere or the rebirth of the sun in the southern hemisphere, consciously tune in to your highest self by getting into the frequency of bliss and gratitude.  Align with the flow of newest source energy and download the upgrades to your operating system that are available if you are open and willing to receive.  Allow the power of this solstice to nurture expand and amplify your creative activities according to the wheel of the annual cycle.  This will ensure you are allied with and supported in your growth by the universe as you support the unfoldment of this golden age of consciousness by being the greatest You you can BE.

Check out my past blogs for ways you can celebrate the solstice whether you want a quick connection to the energy or a more elaborate interactive ceremony with mother earth and the sun. Just click on the solstice headings to your left.

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