Ideas for Equinox Observances and Ceremony

by on September 22, 2016

Welcome Fall.  Today’s blog highlights the actual day of the equinox and offers ideas that you might wish to use to observe or create ceremony.  In the new era’s energy, you may not feel called to do ceremony or ritual any more.  In that case you may want to check out the section on connecting with the new cosmic energies or simply tune in with your inner wisdom to see how you wish to celebrate this next aspect of the annual cycle

I hope you have enjoyed the blog series on the equinox, and gotten some ideas to celebrate the event.  Remember the energy lasts for another 3-16 more days, depending on the tradition you resonate with.  Take what appeals to you and repeat as you feel guided.  Watch the videos from the past week if you haven’t had a chance, or watch them again if you just love the energy they evoke.

Here are a few suggestions for observances and a ceremony for the Equinox.

Connect with Nature and the Divine

As I mentioned in my September 19th blog on preparing for the equinox, Here’s a quick ritual to celebrate the equinox

  • Connect with the environment, with Mother Nature and her cycles.  An easy way to do this is to go outside on the equinox. The exact time is  Thursday, September 22, 2016 at  7:21 am  PDT   (02:21 UT  ) but the energy is strong for days before and after.
  • Using your 5 senses, look around — see the colours, smell nature,  smell a tree, flowers, the soil etc.) Listen for any natural sounds, feel the wind and a tree and flower, and see if there is anything that is safe to taste.
  • Reflect on how often you are in the habit of noticing your natural surroundings in your daily life. Make a plan for how you could incorporate this habit more into your  day. For example, when I drive I notice the trees, landscape, clouds when I am stopped in traffic. It expands the heart and soul, focuses the mind on the moment and really decreases impatience and  irritation with fellow drivers.
  • Feel your gratitude for life and all you have.  Intensify that feeling until you experience bliss and connection with everything inside and around you….All Your Relations – past present and future, in bodies and form and without.
  • From that highest vibration place of bliss connect and receive with source energy. The energy of All That IS, whatever you call the energy of Creation. Receive the energy of love and light from everywhere around you.
  • Set your intention for the next cycle, the season .
  • Express your respect, honour and love for All Your Relations and All That Is, and offer whatever service you are called to in that moment.
  • End the observance respectfully thanking all the beings who have joined you to celebrate this amazing moment.

Connect with the Newest Cosmic Energy

If you are into a less traditional energy, some of these ideas may appeal to you. Incorporate those that resonate  into the above ritual, or set aside some time while the equinox energies are pouring in to try them.

  •  Take a moment to reflect on what awesome things have changed for you, for humanity, for the earth and the universe since the shift of the ages. Many changes have occurred offering the opportunity for higher vibration perceptions, actions and outcomes.
  •  Shift your awareness to your partnership with nature. Breathe out and provides CO2 to the trees for you and breath in the O2 they offer you. Be aware of your outbreath for trees and plants throughout day. Purposefully connect with them — look at the newest colours and communicate with the energy that has come in so far this year– feel the colours, hear them, smell them, taste them. Feel your energy exchange with the rocks and stones. Alchemically stir life – grow it into more, the newest coming thru made available to earth. Co-create with this power.
  • The way we live in this new age involves always asking “what’s your newest relationship with everything???
  • What messages are there about your next steps in the upcoming quarter of the year? How can you align with the cosmic energy to bring about what is yours to do? Is there an overall strategy or vision? Or are you being guided to take it step by step
  •  Dance with the sentient energies and guide the direction of your desired outcome, the energetic flow, feel how in tune you are. Feel the energy flow – back and forth –
  •  What do you wish to choose and create? What alchemical essence of you (as a point of creation) do you add into the mix of this newest of the new presenchience coming in?      What is presenchience? It’s the new languaging that I co-created at the Visionary Network Mega Event in May 2013. It’s the Presence of Life as the Allness and even moreness – beyond allness, beyond consciousness, beyond chi, beyond energy, beyond sentience, beyond source. 
  • Feel the presenchience resonating thru you deep in your essence. Feel its effervescence bubbling in every subatomic particle that is you as both a unique point of creation and as the allness and moreness.
  • Now breathe in. And breathe out what you have created, breathe it into the centre of the alchemical spiral , vortex, with everyone who is in highest vibration, wanting to make a difference in the world. Breathe in everyone’s highest conscious creation. Breathe it out over 7 billion humans.
  •  Share what you have created individually and in combination with those working to make a difference, to bring in the newest energy into this era. Gift it to over 7 billion humans – making it available to everyone and anyone who is asking to know if there is more than what is our apparent illusionary reality of 3rd dimension; to everyone and anyone who knows there is more and is allowing it in and using it to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of anyone and everyone who is open and ready to receive the grace of our creation.


If you want to do a ceremony or ritual based on the preparatory work you have done, Here is a version of  a  ceremony I use.

Traditional Sacred Earth Ceremony –

Review Step 4 in the preparation for the equinox blog (click here for the link)

Set up

Review your self evaluation and intentions.  Write down what is no longer useful that you wish to move out of your reality and what you want to attract into your life.
Gather up a sacred cloth which you can use to place a candle, perhaps wine or juice — offerings  for Mother Earth.  You might wish to select a crystal that is significant for you, or flowers.   The Mayas always ensured they had gifts for the Alusha  – mischievous creatures that love chocolate and tobacco.
Find a special place that feels sacred or resonates with special high vibing energies.

Connect with the Sacred

Connect to your highest self, nature, the energies of the 4 directions, East West North and South, and Mother Earth (below), Father Sky (above)  and within.   Invite them to attend the ceremony.  Be aware of any changes in nature – the sun coming out, a wind occurring, birds quieting…..
Ask permission to conduct the ceremony from the energies of the ancestors and the natural elements of the area.
Ask the divine energies of the highest vibration, however you conceive them for guidance in carrying out your wishes. Feel your Oneness with them and the energy of Creation.

Part One – What Do You Wish to Move Out of Your Reality

Think of what is whole in your life and what you wish to change. Do not put a lot of energy or feeling into this, just be aware. 

Take the paper with what is no longer useful or what you wish to eliminate from your reality and burn it. Know the energy has been transmuted into higher vibrations for use by the universe.

Part Two  Create your intentions.

Review your intentions.

Close your eyes and lie, sit, or stand in bare feet on the ground feeling mother earth supporting you, loving you.

Use your senses and feel what it is like to have your intentions manifested in your life right now:

  • Imagine what happens on a typical day
  • Do you have a new habit? see yourself doing that
  • What is your life like? Imagine a scene from your life and look around where are you? What is around you? Are you inside or outside? What can you smell? Imagine touching something near where you are. What can you hear?  Where do you eat? What do you eat? How does it taste?
  • Do you have a new habit? See yourself doing that
  • Is your intuition heightened? How do your messages come can you hear,see, know? Is there a signature scent eg. some people smell roses, when they feel Mother Mary energy 
  • Do you have new friends? relationships? A new job?
  • Do you live in same town?  The same country?

Really feel what it is like to have your intentions happening in your life right now.

Then take the paper and burn it, intending that the energy rises with the smoke alerting the universe to your intention.

Know it has manifested in all dimensions and is coming in the best timing for all involved into the 3rd dimension.

Use any of the activities in the observances above if you wish to do further ceremony.

You might  choose something  from nature in the area you are celebrating that you would like to be imbued with the energy of the ceremony. Ask it if it is willing to come with you to symbolize and remind you of the sacred ceremony.  Listen to your intuition to hear the response. Lay it on the sacred cloth.

When you feel complete, thank the directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky and all  the ancestors, guardians and energies that have attended.  Offer any gifts, drink the wine/juice if you brought it and spill some in offering.  Tell them you honour them and love them and feel your connection with their sentient energies.


fall equinox  Gary Curkan's photo. the green fairy is changing the colour of the leaves 1234027_10152226595918345_342076260_n

I hope you have enjoyed the blog series on the equinox, and gotten some ideas to celebrate the event.  Remember the energy lasts for another 3-16 more days, depending on the tradition you resonate with.  Take what appeals to you and repeat as you feel guided.  Watch the videos from the past week if you haven’t had a chance, or if you just love the energy they evoke.


Images: happy-fall-equinox-by-edenpictures-flickr-creative-commons

Gary Curkan‘s photo.  Green fairy changes the leaves for the first day of autumn…. the time of balance is drawing near!





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