How Walking With Nowhere to Go Provides Insights, Joy and Life Shifts

by on July 9, 2016

Walking Meditation: Labyrinths and Spirals

Today we’re going to look at increasing higher conscious vibes by another mindfulness practice: Walking and going nowhere and walking in circles.  (Actually they are more correctly called walking mediation and walking a labyrinth).


Walking Meditations

This form of meditation is a sacred, peaceful and serene walk. When you do walking meditation you must already be peaceful, serene and happy.  It is a more advanced practice because you must start in the highest level of consciousness you can.

Here’s How:

Breath, relax and feel the bliss or gratitude that is accessible from your cell memory if you’ve been practicing the tips and tools I’ve offered in past blog posts.

In a walking meditation you coordinate breathing with small steps. Start by relaxing the whole body, bouncing gently on the balls of feet, bending your knees: just get flexible.   Thich Nhat Hanh says to walk as if you are the happiest person on earth.

Start with just coordinating your feet and your breath.  Take slow small steps.  You have no destination, you have no reason to hurry.

When this feels comfortable think of kissing the ground when your foot steps onto the land. When this is ok as you take your foot off the ground to step, think of a lotus flower growing where your foot was.

It is said walking this way with this intention purifies the land.  It is walking lightly, in connection with the sentient energy of whatever is underfoot.  When you are in connection with their sacred energies you can do no harm, since you are One.

Don’t   “kiss the ground” all the time.  When you lose your focus then bring it back with this.   When your feet touch the ground, feel their whole bottoms expanding, your meridians being massaged and your whole foot receiving love from mother earth.

Remember you have no destination.  You are walking for the joy of it and to focus as another way of being mindful.

Thich Nhat Hanh:  Walking Meditation

Labyrinths and Spirals

Now lets talk about walking Labyrinths: in a way, you are walking in a spiral into and out from the centre.

If you don’t really know what a labyrinth is like you can use the image of a spiral below.  You can find a labyrinth in your area by going on line and Google labyrinth and your general location.

With Labyrinths, depending on their style, you may walk reflectively, contemplatively focusing on one higher conscious idea and look up from time to time when you get an intuitive nudge.  What do you see and hear? How does it relate to your sacred meditation?

I live near a labyrinth with stones carved with words such as imagine, peace, balance, joy, and more.  They are placed in strategic locations along the spiral and designed so you can stop and reflect on their significance.

Imagine where you are in your spiritual cycle of growth. 

Growth is sometimes perceived as peeling an onion until we remove all the layers that are based on programming, inaccurate understanding and drama, other peoples hopes and dreams for us; everything that is not us.  Finally our authentic self or core self is revealed.  Walking into the centre of the Labyrinth represents this process and we can intend to let go of what arises.

Growth is also perceived as expanding- having found out inner self, we strengthen our connection with Source Energy (God, Buddha, Divine Energy, Creator of All That IS – however you conceive it)  and with the light of higher conscious energy in everything. We ultimately realize our Oneness . This occurs as we walk from the centre outward.

You can find a labyrinth in your area by going on line and Google labyrinth and your general location.

Imagine there are two iterations of yourself on this growth spiral.

Let go of your logic for a moment and feel into the meaning of what I am trying to describe. It may help to conceptualize what I am describing if you use the image below and put one large dot on it to represent you in the now moment and then smaller dots as you read the following.

When you walk the labyrinth see yourself as a dot on the spiral; notice that if you were to imagine yourself as another dot you can see yourself in the past or future from your initial perspective.   In this snapshot image though, you wouldn’t know if you were spiraling in and releasing, or out and expanding your spirituality, or if your were in the past or future.   If you were checking this out in the form of your huge greater self, you would notice it almost like a quantum view.   The significant moments are dots or particles along the path.

If you are adjacent to yourself in the labyrinth, one ‘row’ over, it may seem that you have only expanded or let go of a little since it’s such a short distance.   Yet notice that if it was a straight line instead of a spiral you would actually have had a number of growth experiences represented by the particles along the path.

Similarly, seeing yourself across the other side of the labyrinth you may think you have let go and surrendered a lot, but linearly it could be half the amount of that above.

So don’t get  caught up in where you are and what the points are.   Just know you are in the flow of the spiral of limitless quantum possibilities and can be several dots at the same time.

Move into Timelessness and Non-linear Space.

Perhaps the spiral enables you to more easily conceive of timelessness and Non-linear Space.  In a labyrinth it is easy to conceptualize movement into parallel or multi dimensions.

Here’s a little known secret technique:  If you want to  change your life  you just have to step across to another path  by intending to and doing it.  It’s easy to move from one point to another adjacent one when the spiral points are close.

I hope you enjoy playfully creating other ideas with the spiral. I’ll be republishing an updated blog posts series about How to Use the Spiral for Awakening, Increasing Awareness and Creating beginning next week.


Images:    Spiral by Ethan Hein

Mosaic Spirals by Tomi Knuutila flickr creative commons. 


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