How to Use the Spiral for Awakening, Increasing Awareness and Creating -Part Three

by on March 29, 2013

Your Spiritual Growth Cycle.

venus woman spirals heart from MJ  Halligans site may 2012551728_158392700959811_1046111739_n

In part three of this series on spirals, I want you to imagine where you are in your spiritual cycle of growth.


Spiraling into our authentic core Self

As I mentioned in Part two, growth is sometimes perceived as peeling an onion until we remove all the layers that are based on programming, inaccurate understanding and drama, other peoples hopes and dreams for us; everything that is not us.  Finally our   authentic self or core self is revealed. This is how we move into our interior core self.

Expanding from our core towards Oneness

Growth is also perceived as expanding- having found out inner self, we strengthen our connection with Source Energy (God, Buddha, Divine Energy, Creator of All That IS however you conceive it)  and with the light of higher conscious energy in everything. We ultimately realize our Oneness .


Shifting your perspective

In Part Two, you saw an image of a 2 dimensional spiral, with points you could imagine as yourself on your life path.  When you see yourself as a dot on the spiral, notice that if you were to see yourself as another dot you can see yourself in the past and future from your perspective.   In a snapshot though, you wouldn’t know if you were spiralling in or out, in the past or future.

If you are adjacent to yourself on the spiral It may seem that you have only expanded or let go of  a little since it’s such a short distance.   Yet notice that if it was a straight line instead of a spiral you would actually have had a number of growth experiences.

Similarly, seeing yourself across the other side of the spiral, you may think you have let go  and surrendered a lot, but linearly it could be half the amount of that above.

Play with dimensional shifts

Perhaps the spiral enables you to more easily conceive of timelessness and spacelessness and movement into parallel or multi-dimensions.  It would be easy to move from one point to another adjacent one when the spiral points are close.  More about how to use this aspect for creating your life in Part 4.


 Image: Venus woman – spiral  heart from MJ  Halligans site May 2012

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