How Mindfulness can Imbue Your Higher Conscious Life with High Vibeing Gratitude

by on October 9, 2016

kids-playing-in-leaves-fall-fb_img_1475302443942It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada. If you are shifting your life from fear and overwhelm using the tools and realigning practices on my website, you are realizing that when you live in a state of higher consciousness gratitude, (one of the highest frequency emotions akin to unconditional love) is an ever present part of life.  Yet Thanksgiving is a reminder for me — an opportunity to yet again consciously appreciate the sacredness of All Life and every Thing in creation.

As I write this I’m hearing a song in my head that brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat of pure gratitude.….


All things bright and beautiful, 

All creatures great and small. 

All things wise and wonderful 

The Lord God [goddess/creator/source] made them all. 

Each little flower that opens

 Each little bird that sings

He made their glowing colours

He made their tiny wings.

You may want to watch the video below to see the stirring images and listen to  the tune

One way you can ensure gratefulness and thanksgiving is a part of your everyday life is to live mindfully.

I personally don’t think you can be mindful without deeply connecting to the object or action of your mindfulness   practice. And that connection expands so that you feel the wondrousness of it and experience appreciation of having it in your life. From there it’s just a baby step to gratitude and thankfulness.

Here’s a meditation demonstrating how to be mindful on the go in as little as one minute from my book From Fear to Eternity 212 Ways to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs and Shift Your Energy into Higher Consciousness Living.  

I’ve added the bit about connecting and gratitude to the basic exercise as I realized after I wrote the book that its a key component to living in the present moment in a higher conscious state.

You can actually listen to a similar guided medition I did in a recent interview as a guest on Light News Radio with Dr. Richard Jelusich and Deirdre Leighton   It’s at about 39 minutes on the replay.

You can also refer to my May 2016 blog on this site for a more detailed practice of mindfulness that you can take  simplify and use it to enhance the experience of gratitude in your higher conscious life


Access Higher Vibes

Get into a high frequency state by  taking a deep breath. Relax, release all tension and  feel white or golden energy zinging thru every cell in your body

Think about place object activity that results in extreme gratitude or bliss for you.  Something that makes you ecstatic, rapturous thankful to be alive.   It may be something that gets your blood pumping, a state where there is no thinking, where you forget about yourself  and are oblivious of everything else

Lose yourself in the moment

Release the thought that stimulated the feeling of gratitude or bliss and just feel the intense feeling of thanksgiving, elation and ecstasy.

Meditation on the Go

 “Look around at your environment.   Connect with something of beauty, art or nature and ground yourself by describing out loud what you see for two minutes.

 I see a beautiful picture of amber carved, translucent jaguar, the light catching its sinewy stalking motion. I see my computer in the corner surrounded by books and paper, crystal orbs, and essential oils. I see my serene orange cat sitting motionless, looking out the window.  I see the gorgeous evergreen trees and a grey sky.

[Feel a sense of connection and gratitude for the creators and creation and everyone who had a part in bringing it to you.  Feel the gratitude expand and fill you to the brim, exploding into your field.  Imagine seeing that gratitude touching everyone and everything in your environment, in the world and in the cosmos]

Then be quiet. You’ll notice you are fully present in the moment. Most people find they experience more mental clarity as well as a more peaceful state. “


I’ve found this mediation is really powerful to demonstrate how being mindful keeps you in the now moment.  There is less chance to wander into the past or future.  You can deeply imbue the feeling of gratitude it inspires  into every aspect of your life. Being connected to the energy in this way also ensures you are living in higher consciousness.

Try being “mindful on the go” when you do ordinary everyday tasks, such as showering or doing dishes.  Use all your senses.   You will eventually realize you are spending greater amounts of time in gratitude for life.

I hope you have a great day wherever you are in the world. I am grateful you have taken the time for your own growth or sustainment.  And by making that choice you are shifting the world into a higher vibration. I give thanks that you have made the choice to live the joyful, fulfilled life of your destiny.


You know by now that I’d love for you to ask any questions,  make comments or share your experiences on my facebook page.


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