Helpful Hint – Are You a Highly Energetically Aware person ?

by on November 9, 2011

Are You a Highly Energetically Aware person ?

Highly Energetically Aware “Sensitives” or “Empaths”make up about 20% of the population of both men and women (and pets).  

We are exquisitely sensitive, responsive, compassionate people who are innately able to receive energy, information and awareness from others in an intense and deep way. 

The other 80-85% of the population find it difficult to understand the overwhelm that may occur with Sensitives in what may seem to be a “normal” setting. 

You may be Highly Energetically Aware if you

∞ Are easily overwhelmed
∞ Absorb others energy and emotions like a psychic sponge
∞ Experience and pick up positive high vibration energy or emotional low vibration energy from people
∞ Feel drained when you go to busy noisy places with lots of people and sensory stimulation (ie work, shopping malls)
∞ Experience sudden changes in your feelings unrelated to what’s happening in your own life
∞ Need time to be alone to revive, need more downtime than non sensitive people

Helpful Hint

Here is a hint that will help you clear energy that is not yours.

• Imagine cleaning off low vibration energy from your body while standing under a beautiful refreshing waterfall. See yourself with a comb, and as you run it through your hair, all energy of disagreeable thoughts or fears are removed from your mind. Now feel the highest energy of the water, mother earth and the cosmos, energizing and revitalizing you as you visualize your body and mind becoming clear and purified.

check out more information about Highly Energetically Aware People at…y-aware-people/

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May 4, 2013 at 6:02 pm

Hi Thanks for your question. I didn’t realize there wasn’t an RSS feed, and when I just tried to quickly put one in it modified my site. So for now until I sort out the subscription link, you can follow me on facebook, where I post when I have a new blog Let me know how this works out.


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