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by on September 18, 2017

I wanted to repost this guest blog written by Trudy Woodcock a great friend who I met on my sacred journeys to the Maya Lands in preparation for 2012.  I studied with Maya Priest and Master Teacher Miguel Angel Vergerra on several annual trips to the Yucatan both before and after 2012 and believe it is a true gift I give to myself when I take time to consciously actively prepare for the equinox and solstices and other celebrations of the cycles of the earth and cosmos.  The connection I have with our sentient holy mother heart of the earth and the cosmos heart of the sky is so loving and visceral.  I encourage you to try it and see if you resonate.

This is the first of a series of blogs about the fall equinox with videos for contemplation, some new and old favorite activities to get you in the spirit of the season, and a ceremony you may wish to do on the equinox which is Friday, September 22, 2017 at 20:02 UTC and at 1:03 pm PDT.    Tomorrows blog, has 4 steps for preparation which you can begin tomorrow.

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Good Things Take Time

by Trudy Woodcock,  Casa K’, Iluminado Tours  

The Fall Equinox is coming up soon so I guess that means summer is over for this year. It was a good summer, filled with friends, family, lots of sun, and lots of good work as well. And now I look forward to experiencing the autumn energy and all it has to offer. The message I am hearing over and over again is to live in the NOW, this perfect moment that is NOW. What I am beginning to understand is it means to experience this moment, to take the time to actually be in it. This is a good moment. I need to take the time to be fully present. I am learning that good things take time.

Appreciating The Equinox

Take the Equinox for example. Like many people, for years I saw it as one day… a special day, but still one day. Some people want to know the exact instant when the Earth is in total balance with day and night. Does anyone really believe they can experience the power of the Equinox in an instant?


The Ancient Maya saw it as a 33-day process. There were 16 days leading up to it, the day of the Equinox, and then 16 days following it. If they stayed present, conscious, preparing themselves during those first 16 days, can you imagine what their experience during the day of the Equinox might have been? And then to spend another 16 days following doing their ceremonies, their prayers, consciously being in the energy of each day… imagine what that full experience would have given them.

Knowledge Plus Experience Equals Wisdom

The Maya had vast knowledge of the planet Earth, the Sun and the Moon, the universe they lived in. But that isn’t what made them great. What made them great was what they did with that knowledge. They acted on the knowledge, they added experience, and over time that became wisdom. It is becoming clear to me now that knowledge experienced over time becomes wisdom.

This morning as the sun was rising I knelt under the ceiba tree in my garden and did my ceremony for the day. I experienced a direct connection with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth that will stay with me throughout my day. Until I experienced ceremony, I knew about it but I had no plans to make it a part of my life. Now, having experienced ceremonies over time, ceremony has become a very important part of my life. I had to stop thinking about the ceremonies.. I had to DO the ceremonies. At first it was awkward and strange. Over time, it has become a natural part of my life here in Mérida, in the Heart of the Maya Lands. I took the time and acted on the knowledge I had. Action in this one simple direction has changed my life.

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Act On What You Know

To create the world we want on a personal scale or on a global scale, we need to act on what we know. Collectively we know enough right now to change the world. What we are lacking is the confidence and clarity that comes from experience. We have such great knowledge and yet it is not enough to get us through the challenges and changes we are now facing. On its own, knowledge does not bring the change we need in the world. Action or experience is what leads to change. Many of us are now being drawn to the experiences we need and from these experiences will come the wisdom to create the world we want to hand over to the next generation.

We have been gathering knowledge for ages and now it is time to gather some experiences to go with it. I don’t know everything and I know I will never know everything. But I do know something and I am taking that and acting on it.

I know the importance of meditation and ceremony so I do more meditation and ceremony. I know the importance of communication so I do more writing and am more careful about what I say and the words I use. I know the importance of community so I spend more time with family and friends. I know the importance of this moment so I am here, present, living this moment. I am aware of my spiritual path and I do my best to stay on it. I know the journey is what is important, not just the destination, so I take the time to enjoy the journey… every moment of it.


 Trudy Woodcock is an amazing wise woman who practices and teaches Maya spirituality.  Originally from Canada, Trudy  has made Mérida, Yucatán her home since 2001. She continues to delve into the mysteries of the Maya while defining, accepting, and following her life’s purpose. Part of that purpose is to act as a bridge between the vast knowledge of the ancient Maya and today’s spiritual seeker.  Always looking for ways to introduce others to the magic and excitement she found in the Yucatán,   Trudy is the owner of Iluminado Tours and co-founder with Miguel Angel Vergara of Casa K’in (a non-profit organization established to preserve and make accessible the Sacred Wisdom of the Maya).Trudy creates journeys and workshops which allow people to experience the spiritual essence of the pyramids, temples, and Ceremonial Sites of the ancient Maya. She can be reached at or .

Casa Kin has a new training program. The next is taking place this November. This is a 10-day experiential journey in the sacred land of the Maya, designed to help you transform your life and become a Halach Uinik, a man or woman who is in balance, fulfilling their potential in both the spiritual and physical worlds. The Training is a gift from the ancient Maya and a model for true success in today’s world.

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