Fall Equinox Rituals

by on September 22, 2017

fall equinox or summer solstice connect with nature nature child with sun crown by eva ruiz gallery 099e8a73Today I’ll share a short and sweet way to connect with Mother Earth and Nature as well as a more contemplative ritual

An easy way to do this is to go outside on the fall equinox  and, using your 5 senses, look around — see the colours; smell nature – a tree, flower or other natural object; listen for any natural sounds; feel the wind and a tree or flower; and if there is anything safe to taste try that.

Reflect on whether you are in the habit of noticing your natural surroundings — how often you do this in your life and, perhaps consider how you could incorporate this awareness into your day. For example when you drive  notice the trees, landscape, clouds or when you are waiting for someone to answer their door stand facing the yard and enjoy communing with nature.

If you decided to do the more contemplative preparation for the equinox, Here’s a traditional ritual you can follow today. Of course, feel free to modify it to reflect any new perception, or transcendent information and energy you resonate with.

  • Find a location that creates a special expansive, joyful feeling within.  It may have ancient energy, natural beauty, or be a spot you go to in your imaginings.
  • There will be a Guardian of this spot.  If you are in nature it is often a huge old tree.  It may be a rock.  If it is not obvious ask to be shown it and see what you notice.  Ask the guardian for permission to do a ceremony here.
  • If you wish light a candle and put a scarf or piece of cloth on the spot you have chosen.  This designates it as a sacred space.  If you wish you may put a gift you will leave for for mother nature on this cloth so it will be imbued with higher vibration energy.
  • Breathe in, relax, think of and connect with the feeling of  something ecstatic or blissful.  Pause and Enjoy that feeling, let it expand until you feel it in every subatomic particle of your being.
  • Call in energies of the highest vibrations.  You could ask the guardians of the 4 directions, archangels, ascended masters of the highest vibrations, Saints, holy ones, your totem animals. Thank them, honour them and ask them to be with you during the ceremony
  • Speak to the earth.  Tell her of your love and respect for her. Thank Mother Nature for her gifts. Be specific.  Express your gratitude to  the Universal Energy, Creator of All That Is, God Energy however you  conceive that to be.  Be specific and include things you want to continue to have in your life.  (enough food, clothes, a roof over your head, income, loving relationships, health, joy, balance, order, etc)
  1. If you still have old programs that surface from time to time, or old memories that have come up for release as you open to receive the newest high vibration X wave energy, state what you now release.  Express gratitude, knowing the power of your words and that the energy of  your awareness and higher conscious vibration, in addition to the energies you have called in will ensure your freedom from the lower vibration energies you have outgrown.  If you have a written list you may tear it into pieces and throw it into the wind or water, imagining it dissolving and turning into light.  If you wish and it is safe to have a mini fire, burn it and let the ashes blow away.
  2. State what your intention for this last quarter of the year, keeping in mind the cycle of nature is primarily harvest and completion.  If possible burn this one so the energy rises into the ethers for manifesting.  If you cannot burn it, let the candle or smoke from some incense  carry the intention.  I usually say “I release this intention and these words to the universal laws, knowing there is power in what I speak and write.  I know this is actualizing now and I am grateful”
  • You may wish visualize  friends, family, people in specific areas of the world living abundantly in perfect health, peace, love.
  • Thank Mother Earth and Nature. Express your love and respect and if you have brought a gift give her.
  • Thanks the energies you have asked to come in and release them.  Reverently put away the cloth and any tools you used. You may wish to stay and journal or meditate on any messages or guidance related to your intentions.
  • When you leave, thank the Guardian of the spot for allowing you to celebrate the ritual.

I hope you enjoy this process and feel balanced and connected with Everyone and Everything; above and below.  Namaste (The light in me sees and loves the light in you)

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Eva Ruiz,
“Prayer for a Love Revolution”
“Prière pour une révolution de l’Amour”
“Oracion por una Revolucion de Amor”

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