Equinox Reflections and Preparation

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The spring 2016 equinox is on Friday March 19 at 9:30 PM PDT  (0430 UTC)     If you live in the southern hemisphere click on the solstice  and equinox links to the left for information about a variety of fall equinox activities whether you’re looking for fun family events or spiritual celebrations.   
 The equinox is one aspect of a cycle which involves our earths relation to the sun. Shamanic practitioners know that the energy of the equinox begins to come in days in advance and lasts for several days following the actual point of equal day and night.
On the equinox, the sun will be exactly above the equator in its path through the sky, and day and night will be about the same length. After the equinox the days become longer and longer. Yippie!!
 We are currently in another planetary cycle, an eclipse cycle, so the energies of this equinox are heightened.  There was a solar eclipse and New moon March 8/9 and as always in the cycle, (about 2 weeks after the solar eclipse) we will experience a lunar eclipse and Full moon March 23.  A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth, sun and moon align in space, with Earth in the middle. At such times, Earth’s shadow falls on the full moon, causing a lunar eclipse. This year there will be only two solar and two lunar eclipses,  so make the most of the upcoming lunar eclipse by consciously attuning to its energy during your equinox celebrations.   
I’ve included a video to help you get a  picture of the various metaphysical facets of the spring equinox and to help you assess if you are in balance.  If you just wish to know about the legends and history of the spring equinox, watch the first 4 minutes. 
This is the season of rebirth, renewal and growth.  My heart beat faster with excitement and joy last week when I saw my first 5 red robins breasts. I had a wonderful conversation with them, welcoming them back.  The flowering bushes are spectacularly bright and the green greener than I’ve ever noticed. 
How do you tell when Spring is Here?   

 Spring Equinox is one of four key days which mark the shift from season to season.  We have completed the portion of the annual cycle which began at the winter Solstice, Dec 20. The time for reflecting and visioning has ended and it s time for action!!!  

The equinox is the perfect time for planting seeds of your own on the path of your life.  It is an opportunity to acknowledge and give thanks for the precious gifts of nature, new life new beginnings; to honour mother earth, and share our love with all our relations (animals, birds, trees, stones, water, air, fire, earth and more); to restore balance in ourselves, our outer world and bring in higher vibration energy to zap our key life projects

Preparation for the Equinox


Questions for Reflection this Cycle

Mother Nature demonstrates balance during the equinoxes when the length of day is equal to the night.  You can set your intention to achieve balance in your life, then plant the seeds of your goals and desires now in the spring, nurture them in the summer and harvest in the fall.


Take this opportunity to meditate about the balance you wish to find in your life, and consider how you may go about being in more harmony within yourself.


Then, you may wish to select any of the following questions that you resonate with and make a few notes to jog your memory during the next 3 months.

  •  What do I desire to actualize now in my life?
  • What new idea has seeded itself this winter, and how can I best nurture it to fruition, as the earth nurtures her seeds??
  • What new projects would I like to initiate?
  • What  personal growth do I think I’d like that in Reality I only need to connect with an reveal? 
  • Do I have any thought patterns, emotions, beliefs or issues that keep me from sustaining a higher conscious life?
  • What old connections could I release now, that no longer serve my highest conscious living?
  • Where can I turn for the best sources of Inspiration and Solutions? (am I ready to trust myself and go inside?)
  • What wisdom is seeking to reveal itself to me at this time?
  • What are the best ways that I can refresh myself, physically and spiritually?
  • Are there any imprisoning fears left  to release?  
  •  How can I make the best use of this lifetime? 
  • If  I could have anything I want it would be or If I could do anything I want it would be.   ….. (say the first thing that comes to mind  Allow yourself to be whimsical)

Be limitless about what you want or what you want to achieve; something you want to do, a wish or a dream. Think of something you wish to balance or change or plant in the soil of your soul, so that it may grow and be nurtured.

You can read more articles on Preparing Physically, Mentally,  Emotionally and Spiritually for the Equinox and Solstice by clicking on that categories in the left column.



The Meaning of the Spring Equinox by Songdance


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