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by on December 12, 2016


Today is December 12.   It is an especially powerful day, an opening or portal to energies which allows you and all humanity to access accelerated evolutionary energies and deeper divine awakening. It continues til the 21st.  12:12 2016 is all about mastery in a 9 year of completion (2+0+1+6=9)   In our celebration leading up to solstice it is an amazing day to shift into higher conscious living and create your intentions for the next quarter.

December 12  is also the annual universal solstice, a great cosmic celebration the alchemy of consciousness where universal co-creators turn their attention to the light of every soul on earth.

The Universal Solstice [which falls upon the 12th of December every year] is a great celebration for this is when our Father God and our Mother Goddess embrace us in a divine cloak of new light and every soul on the Planet is infused with pure unconditional love.”

The number 12 has many properties you can align with to create your Soulstice Experience.  To the Maya 12 represents stability as you flow, expand and evolve and connectedness to the unified whole. It represents the ability to step more into our physicality with the true divine essence that we are from the Creative    12 has the energies of Optimism Creative self-expression Inspiration Exploration and Cooperation

I found an excellent article which I want to share about todays special energies channeled by Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel December 7, 2016 so you can align with the message and the power in the words.

  As the portal of Evolution for the culmination of this year of Mastery opens on December 12, …..  leading to full balance, mastery and completion…. Mastery of the Light Body consciousness brings you into new awareness for who you truly are as you are awakening in the evolution of the new human blended with the divine.

Within this completion, a platform has been created that will allow you to transcend polarities to a more exalted level of creative Unity Consciousness. This new energy platform anchors within your being as the 12/12 gateway opens. As you expand your ability to receive, this Force will be filling your High Heart with the Christed Light, offering you a new way of perceiving the world and your place within it. As you let the energy expand into your energy system, a profound new level of divine connection occurs within you.

The Gateway of 12/12 demonstrates the Avatar consciousness within you, awakening with all the connecting links being activated for the Divine Template of your new humanity stepping forward into life. There are those in many realms who are holding the template for full actualization of this Wholeness within your self. This realization of self is something that all can experience.

Remember that this is an Evolution in Consciousness, and that it is a process occurring within the evolution of blending the divine with the human. There is an acceleration in your cellular structure that may not be obvious to your human mind immediately. However, do not doubt the process that is occurring, and remember that you are a part of the Awakening of Consciousness on the planet as you also awaken to your Soul’s most Divine Reality. This is the unification of new life accelerating within you. It is another link in the Web of Light all around the planet that is gathering now to assist your ascension into higher frequencies.

At the 12/12 Gateway, there is an opportunity to unite your soul with those beings on many realms who are providing the baseline for the structures of new dimensional freedom on the Earth. There is rejoicing as the codes for the Christed Light are magnified and radiated through all creation and your High Heart is empowered by Unity Consciousness.

Answer the call and allow yourself to be uplifted into the divine frequencies of your true, most activated and eternal self. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
December 7, 2016


Take Care of You, Connect and Reach Out

Since we are dealing with big unified energies today, lets tune into the whole to celebrate Soulstice.

Today is a most auspicious day to set your intentions that you can manifest in a solstice ritual.

Get quiet.    You might want to put on some inspirational music and have a hot beverage.  Take 3 deep breaths and relax. Think of something that causes you to feel bliss and notice the highest vibeing energy move thru you.

Connect with your Higher Self

If you made any resolutions for last New Years contemplate how your life has shifted. Do you have any goals for personal growth? Are you working on any projects? If you have, reflect on your activity since setting these goals and see what you can complete to make space for the upcoming 1 year of new beginnings. Celebrate your successes and feel your vibrations getting higher.

What messages are there about your next steps to complete this 9 year cycle or insights for your direction in the coming year? Contemplate the opportunities in the 12:12 energy.  How can you align with the cosmic energy to bring about what is yours to do? Is there an overall strategy or vision? Or are you being guided to take it step by step

What do you want to materialize in your life? You may want to ask yourself:

• How can I release limiting beliefs or modify my thought patterns, to generate
higher vibration energy? What can I prune that will result in increased freedom to flourish and soar?
• What old connections could I release now, for my highest good?
• Where can I turn for inspiration and assistance?
• What are the best ways that I can refresh myself, physically and spiritually?  Ensure this isn’t a mental exercise only.  Remember to deeply feel the vitality and Energy Zinging thru you
• What wisdom is seeking to reveal itself to me at this time?

Ask “what’s my newest relationship with everything???

Follow any guidance you receive from your inner self that FEELS right.

Dance with the sentient energies and guide the direction of your desired outcome, the energetic flow, so in tune are you. Feel the energy flow – back and forth –

What do you wish to choose and create?

Consciously Amp up your vibration for your desired outcomes visualize and FEEL as if it is reality in this 3rd dimension. Feel it actualized. resonating thru you deep in your essence. Feel its effervescence bubbling in every subatomic particle that is you as a unique point of creation and as the allness and moreness.

Access clear inner guidance and direction for any further action needed before you plant in the spring.

Write down  your intentions for the Solstice to Spring equinox considering the winter cycle of nature – resting, planning, regenerating, readying for new beginnings I’ll share a ritual for manifesting your intentions

 Look at the Biggest Picture, Connect and Share

Take a moment to reflect on what has been enhanced since the fall equinox for the greater you, for humanity, for the earth and the universe from the highest perspective. This is not reported in the mainstream media, but if you look thru my facebook pages you will find the good, innovative, creative and miraculous happening in the world. Many changes have occurred offering the opportunity for higher vibration perceptions, actions and outcomes.  Express Gratitude for all you have.


Connect with the Sentient Energies of Universal Co-Creators and join in the 12:12 Universal Solstice Celebration. Imagine yourself connecting with all like minded people who are creating our preferred highest conscious reality. Gather the energy of new creation.

Now breathe in. And breathe out what you have created so far this year and in this now moment of connection and gratitude. Breathe it into the centre of an alchemical spiral, the vortex of creation.

Reach out and Share what you have created individually and in combination with those working to make a difference, to bring in the newest energy into this era. Gift it to over 7 billion humans making it available to everyone and anyone who is asking to know if there is more than what is our apparent illusionary reality of 3rd dimension; to everyone and anyone who knows there is more and is allowing it in and using it to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of anyone and everyone who is open and ready to receive the grace of our creation.

May each of you feel the presence of the Divine inside of you expressed outside of you and may all always be well in your world.

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