Day 3 Galactic Activation Portal, Harmony, Radiance and Perfect Centredness

by on December 12, 2014

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Today is the 3rd of 10 days of a galactic activation portal in the 13 moon calendar.  It leads up to the Solstice on Dec 21, a powerful day when many honour the natural and spiritual cycle of increasing hours of light returning in the northern hemisphere.

I’ve included a link to my free guided audio that you may enjoy

I am delighted to share the information I’m gleaning from the 13 moon calendar program from and The Mayan Oracle Return Path to the Stars by Ariel Spilsbury and Micheal Bryner.

Today, Dec 12, 2014  – 12:12 is also a powerful day on the Gregorian calendar.  in addition to the 12:12 energies, 12:12:14 makes it an 11 day


Today is the  28th  (last) day of the Overtone peacock moon of radiance.  The question for the month is “How can I best empower myself”?  As you play with being a galactic activation portal, here are the daily energies that you may wish to align with if you feel resonance.

Bottom Line

The radial plasma, the electrical fluid of the cosmos, primary building block of creation, is Silo which is the heart chakra –  the energy of discharge.

Today’s galactic energy tone is 5 about empowering and commanding radiance.  It is related to what I call your deep wild core where your purpose and main intent are found.     

It represents the foundation of humanity in the individual self.  When you discover the place of perfect centredness within, your unis Mundi*, the deep core where you know all is well despite the chaos going on around you, you can radiate your light and actualize your divine being.

 I am being guided to add that the newness you bring in as a galactic activation portal adds to the foundation we are creating to establish this new age.  


Connect to the Mayan energy and You can “Explore your vast luminosity, beyond cognition, expand every known parameter of who you know yourself to be until apparent boundaries burst into incandescent sparks of divinity dancing in rapture on the tapestry of the infinite”  Mayan Oracle  


More in depth details

The solar seal for today is the Yellow Overtone Star and the mayan glyph is Lamat

I Empower in order to Beautify
Commanding Art
I seal the Store of Elegance
With the Overtone tone of Radiance
I am guided by the power of Intelligence

I am a Galactic Activation Portal


Lamat, the corresponding Maya glyph for today is a wayshower, reminding you that

“ you contain a holographic seed packet of your evolution into the mind of light and energy that directs you towards wholeness. You might experience the energy as a gentle rocking that becomes a floating and spiraling sensation, ending in a rush of feeling as you move into expanded reality…. A gently cascading fireworks, shimmering burst on the tapestry of creation.

Flow on the cosmic winds wherever Divinity directs, arching back to this reality with a new experience of the self” (accessed thru your divine wisdom and innocence). …

You can shift into a different frequency of being, tuning into the distant harmonies and melodies of the cosmos. You can leap into unpatterned potential where all time is in the present

Today as you are the portal, be harmony that unites all things in a complex melody, hold a greatly expanded focus of your self in all dimensions .

The Maya  associated Lamat with the rabbit, so you can enter the portal thru the rabbit whole if you choose, and leap into an even higher octave of yourself.  Mayan Oracle


*Come beyond the infinite doorway and find your unis mundi in my free energy Zing audio replay, by listening to a guided visualization experience

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