Day 12 Solstice Eve – 12 Days til Solstice Reach Deep Within and Commune with Your Soul

by on December 20, 2016

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Tomorrow is Solstice.  It arrives in the Pacific Northwest at Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 2:44 am PST  10:44 am UTC.   I hope in the last 12 days, you have discovered a deeper soul connection with the winter solstice, as part of the annual cycle and the greater cycle of life and transitions.   At Winter Solstice, the light from the sun penetrates deep into the earths core.  Metaphysically many teachers have linked the light and consciousness. we can co-create with the sun to imbue all life with this higher conscious frequency light.

Gregg Prescott, M.S. the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit notes that “The Winter Solstice has historically been the time of birth for all of Earth’s great teachers. Because it is the time of new light for the planet, World Teachers choose this particular time to incarnate because they always bring with them a new teaching. This teaching is a new state of illumination for the people of Earth”.

Traditionally people who are on a spiritual path come to a place in their growth where they have studied the lessons of many wise teachers throughout the ages.  They come to connect with and trust their own inner wisdom, becoming masters in their own right and encourage others to do the same.  What used to take decades is happening much more quickly these days because of the light coming to the planet and the critical mass of higher conscious people holding the energy for those who are awakening and asking ‘What’s More’ than the everyday routine.  You can access illumination directly by going within and connecting to the Source, the energy of All That IS

Thank you for agreeing to play your role in this grand adventure.  

I’ll publish tomorrows blog with a short and a longer traditional  ceremony in time for those of you who might want to stay awake and greet it, or if you want to get up  before  sunrise which is 805 am in Vancouver . You can check your time by clicking on the time link.  A heads up:If you can face the east, note where the sun rise strikes in your room or your yard and mark it in some way.  You’ll find it will be in the same spot every year.

Soulstice Ceremony Supplies

There are a couple of things you might want to gather today to be prepared.

  • Go into nature and find a stick shaped like a  stick person to represent yourself.   You can use it to wrap your intention for the year around this mini you during the solstice celebration. Stay tuned to find out what to do with it.
  • Find a small floating candle that would burn completely in 5 -10 minutes.
  • A special cloth to put your ceremonial solstice symbols, a candle and a glass for wine or juice on.
  • If you are really connected, (some might say woo-woo) put out a call to any special treasures, crystals or items from nature you have to ask if they would like to be present at the solstice ceremony.

Winter Ritual Bath

If you’re not into building a big  bonfire and staying out all night, here’s a suggestion to celebrate Solstice Eve. Focus your awareness on your sacred internal stillness and relax into the delicious fertile high vibeing darkness. Enter the void of creation.

“Prepare a ritual bath with oils of rosemary, pine and orange. Add a touch of patchouli for grounding. Light gold and green candles and immerse yourself in the watery solitude to refresh your  holiday spirit. Meditate on the Winter Goddess and her lesson of stillness. Find the cool and clean space she offers, free of clutter and activity. It is the season for centering and grounding and for defining who we really are. After the bath, take your journal and write down your goals by candlelight. Contemplate the coming re-birth.  [If you haven’t already done so,] identify which direction you wish to channel your energies and focus your intentions. –This bath was adapted by one written by Karri Allrich and was originally found in

Here’s a perfect solstice poemto enjoy today  from Sharon Lyn Shepard a facebook friend who feels like one of my Soul Sisters


Here’s a perfect solstice poem to enjoy today  from Sharon Lyn Shepard a facebook friend who feels like one of my Soul Sisters

Twas the night before Yuletide and all through the glen
Not a creature was stirring, not a fox, not a hen.
A mantle of snow shone brightly that night
As it lay on the ground, reflecting moonlight.
The faeries were nestled all snug in their trees,
Unmindful of flurries and a chilly north breeze.
The elves and the gnomes were down in their burrows,
Sleeping like babes in their soft earthen furrows.
When low! The earth moved with a thunderous quake,
Causing chairs to fall over and dishes to break.
The Little Folk scrambled to get on their feet
Then raced to the river where they usually meet.
“What happened?” they wondered, they questioned, they probed,
As they shivered in night clothes, some bare-armed, some robed.
“What caused the earth’s shudder? What caused her to shiver?”
They all spoke at once as they stood by the river.
Then what to their wondering eyes should appear
But a shining gold light in the shape of a sphere.
It blinked and it twinkled, it winked like an eye,
Then it flew straight up and was lost in the sky.
Before they could murmur, before they could bustle,
There emerged from the crowd, with a swish and a rustle,
A stately old crone with her hand on a cane,
Resplendent in green with a flowing white mane.
As she passed by them the old crone’s perfume,
Smelling of meadows and flowers abloom,
Made each of the fey folk think of the spring
When the earth wakes from slumber and the birds start to sing.
“My name is Gaia,” the old crone proclaimed
in a voice that at once was both wild and tamed,
“I’ve come to remind you, for you seem to forget,
that Yule is the time of re-birth, and yet…”
“I see no hearth fires, hear no music, no bells,
The air isn’t filled with rich fragrant smells
Of baking and roasting, and simmering stews,
Of cider that’s mulled or other hot brews.”
“There aren’t any children at play in the snow,
Or houses lit up by candles’ glow.
Have you forgotten, my children, the fun
Of celebrating the rebirth of the sun?”
She looked at the fey folk, her eyes going round,
As they shuffled their feet and stared at the ground.
Then she smiled the smile that brings light to the day,
“Come, my children,” she said, “Let’s play.”
They gathered the mistletoe, gathered the holly,
Threw off the drab and drew on the jolly.
They lit a big bonfire, and they danced and they sang.
They brought out the bells and clapped when they rang.
They strung lights on the trees, and bows, oh so merry,
In colors of cranberry, bayberry, cherry.
They built giant snowmen and adorned them with hats,
Then surrounded them with snow birds, and snow cats and bats.
Then just before dawn, at the end of their fest,
Before they went homeward to seek out their rest,
The fey folk they gathered ‘round their favorite oak tree
And welcomed the sun ‘neath the tree’s finery.
They were just reaching home when it suddenly came,
The gold light returned like an arrow-shot flame.
It lit on the tree top where they could see from afar
The golden-like sphere turned into a star.

The old crone just smiled at the beautiful sight,

“Happy Yuletide, my children,” she whispered. “Good night.”

Poem author C.C. Williford


Poem author C.C. Williford

This bath was adapted by one written by Karri Allrich and was originally found in

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