Connecting with Other’s Energy: Tips for HEAPs

by on December 12, 2011

This week, I want to continue sharing the foundational tools of connecting; this time connecting with the outer world.  Of course the outer world is a big subject and I could write several books about how to connect.  In the next couple of weeks I want to focus on sharing tips about connecting to other people and to nature.

There are two aspects of connecting to other people.  The first is how we can feel and take on others vibrational energy.  The second is about finding and connecting to like minded people who are living in higher consciousness.

Let’s consider the first; connecting with friends, family and partners and the general public — at home, work, in malls and in crowded noisy places.  There are certain times of the year, such as the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, and certain situations such as family celebrations or social events, when this can be more challenging – especially for people who are transitioning to higher conscious living and don’t yet sustain the energy. Even people who live the majority of the time in higher frequency can slip back into old patterns in these situations. Be kind and gentle with yourself if it happens to you.

Sometimes people who are drawn to higher conscious living are also highly aware of the energy around them. These Highly Energetically Aware People (HEAPs) absorb others high or low vibration energy and emotions like a psychic sponge. This explains why sometimes you spend time with someone, or you go to a busy noisy mall, or even to a fun crowded event and you come home exhausted. You have taken on the energy of everyone there!

About 15 -20% of the population are exquisitely sensitive, responsive, compassionate people who are innately able to receive energy, information and awareness from others in an intense and deep way.  The other 80-85% of the population find it difficult to understand the overwhelm that may occur with Sensitives in what may seem to be a “normal” setting.  

You may be highly aware if you:
∞ Need time to be alone to revive, or need more downtime than non sensitive people
∞ Are seen to be self sufficient, strong, competent, dependable, reliable, capable,
smart and invincible.
∞ Prefer to take your own car to places so you can leave when you please
∞ Find it’s hard to get rid of images from TV and unsettling new on the radio stays with you.

Some HEAPs can even feel energy from people and disaster situations on the other side of the globe! It is important to also be aware that you can take on the energy of the collective conscious. In this time, where most people are perceiving systemic chaos, disaster and fear, it can be a real relief to understand that if you are experiencing feelings of lower vibration that seem unrelated to anything around you or within you, you may be taking on these other energies.

When you are aware of the energy in your immediate environment, it may be easier to understand what your are experiencing during your inner check-in. You can also determine whether your activities and surroundings help you or keep you from being in higher vibration energy.

There are many strategies for higher conscious living when you are someone who picks up others energies.  I am in the process of writing an eBook about it now.   If you are want to know more, please comment on my blog. Otherwise I will assume you have all the information you care to know right now.


Depending on the response I get in my blog, I will write about managing “energy vampires” who suck your energy and about ways to avoid leaking your own energy. I can also share more about how HEAPs can manage their energy according to their level of higher conscious vibration. (did you know there were levels?)

Here is a preventive tool to use when you are going into a chaotic or low vibrational setting.

Imagine you have a golden shield that you put on over your throat, chest abdomen and back.  Set the intention that this will repel any low vibration energy barbs that come your way, or block energy that you would usually take on.

If you have depleted your energy from other people or environmental stressors try this.

When you wash your hands imagine that low vibration energy is leaving your body.  Feel it draining away.  This can be helpful if you are in a tense situation and you choose to disengage for a couple of minutes to manage your thoughts and emotions.  You can also do this when you are taking a shower, before or after a stressful day.

This is especially useful when you are in an environment where there are a lot of unconscious, lower vibration people and you feel your energy is being drained.


 This week journal and set your intentions regarding how you can return to  higher vibration when you slip into lower vibration settings.  Reflect on whether you may be highly sensitive. Go to  to find a more detailed checklist of qualities of highly energetically aware people  and to for  a list of their strengths.


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nora September 26, 2015 at 9:16 am

I enjoyed this page. I know I’m a HEAP but never knew there was a word. I don’t usually mention it because it seems to make people think I’m a nut or hypersensitive. But I knew the day of the tsunami because I felt it, and I know I can see into people, into their souls. I have no connection with spiritual communities because I’ve had a hard time in groups in the past. But I manage on my own, I have a very supportive family. I’m a writer, but have recently been moving more towards spirituality. Today I have been remembering how when I was a teenager I drew spirals incessantly. Anyway- probably TMI! Thanks for your website and good work. Nora


September 26, 2015 at 7:54 pm

Thanks Nora. It’s a relief to realize there are so many energetically aware people. You may be really feeling it with the energy thats coming in right now. Hope you find my exerpt helpful. A couple of people mentioned this week, they were having challenges accessing it. I will send you a pdf of it with a bonus section from Part Three which is the longest part of the book and the section with most of the tips and tools. You may want to check out my facebook page. Beyond the Infinite doorway. I put a lot of links to information about energy coming in that HEAPs find useful. Its a bit far out for some people, but if you use discernment to see what resonates as truth for you, you may understand why you are experiencing the energies you thought were yours.


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