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by on May 28, 2016

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Kwan Yin and her snail



Are you noticing that you’re spending more time in Higher Conscious Living Land? I hope the blog tips are assisting you to do so.

Thought Shift

I’d like to share a higher conscious perspective about the new era we are in which was born  Dec 21 2012.

The time and energy is ripe for harmony and collaboration and respect for everyone and everything, and we can work to attain a sustainable earth and re-craft societal structures and norms.  If you look past the traditional media and see what positive changes have occurred in our world, you will be excited that the possibilities we have imagined are in fact occurring.    The people I work/play with are living examples that we can create a life of joy, passion and well-being.

Be Discerning

It is important as you step into an awakened aware life that you are discerning and decide to believe what feels resonant and let go of anything that isn’t truth for you at that moment.  Today you might find our practice is a bit too “woo-woo”  for you! Keep an open mind, wonder if it could be possible and discard or keep it depending on what you conclude.

You might want to know, before I had “my awakening” I was a nurse who cared deeply for my clients but was very science based everything had to be gold standard research based and alternative medicine and metaphysics were something that people were duped into practicing.  I would never have considered most of what I now believe to be true (although looking back I can see I did unconsciously hold many of the philosophical beliefs  of higher conscious life).

 HCL Tool – Connect with a Higher Conscious Person’s Energy

Today’s practice is another quick way to be in higher conscious living.  You choose someone who lived a higher vibe life that you resonate with and  take a relationship to them by connecting to their energy.  It could be a saint, or a wise person like LaoTsu, Confucius, Rumi, Henry David Thoreau, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Paramahansa Yogananda or whom ever you feel called to.  As you grow more confident in your higher conscious life, you will find you don’t need an intermediary energy, but will be able to access the wisdom directly, but for now baby steps are just fine. 

You don’t need to know much about them, just connect with their energy, ask them to connect with you and tell you their perspective about higher conscious living.  You may feel a tingling sensation in your body or the area around your heart may feel as if its expanding or receiving a loving hug.  As long as the energy and message is loving with no put downs about anyone, go ahead and listen. If it doesn’t feel loving you are not  tapped into higher vibration energy.

You might want to say what you are getting out loud to focus your mind and reinforce the higher vibration pathways.  It may come as a knowing; you might see it in written form; it could be an image; you might hear it.  Just indulge yourself and see what comes.  Ask if the being has any suggestions for staying in higher vibrations.  If you aren’t getting anything, just be in the higher vibe energy and imagine about that person.

When I write my blog posts, I sometimes get very clear ideas for topics.  Other times I ask what the universe wants me to share.  In this case as I was considering the subject for this post, Mary Magdalene’s name came to me so I took a relationship to her energy and asked her what she wanted to share about higher conscious living (HCL).

Now I believe all things are possible and I recognize that I could have been imagining, or getting information from my subconscious, but I happen to believe is was connected to the energy that Magdalene represented, or to her.

With respect to HCL, she wants you  to remember your strength; that you already have this knowing about HC Life and can access it by opening and asking to receive it in your conscious mind..  You can draw from her courage to speak your truth and know you are safe.   She stresses that you being a role model and are speaking what people need to know.

While she said that another image came to me. Remember the illusion of the emperor’s new clothes? – only a child had the courage/innocence to say the emperor wasn’t wearing any. Only then did the crowd begin to speak up and repeat what they knew. That is what you are to be, the wise child who stimulates others to speak.

You Are The River and the One in the River

She gave me an image for you to use if you wish.   When you are in higher conscious living, You are the Overflowing river – overflowing with higher conscious feelings, thoughts and beliefs and you are also the one in the river receiving this.  The river delta is filled with nutritious life giving soil because the river of HCL is depositing the overflow.  So picture this and move into even higher consciousness.

Her final comment was “You have the opportunity to bring reality to this 3d illusion and to craft and sculpt the world you wish”

Attributes of higher consciousness

I then got the idea to ask you: If you were to live in the world you desired in this infant new age, we are creating right now what attributes would you want it to have?

What characteristics would it have? What qualities of higher conscious living?

If you have a paper and pen even the back of an envelope write down as many as you can in 3 minutes.

The following are higher conscious qualities.   Compare your list to see which one you included and add any to the list that are missing.

    Incorporate Higher Conscious     Attributes into your life now

joy, fun, peace, innocent wisdom, compassion, care, patience, limitless possibilities, unconditional acceptance, open minded, recognizing there is no one right way, love, light, courage, generosity, abundance, nature, brilliance, potential, prosperity, sharing, giving, receiving, trust, allowing, kindness, focus, clarity, attentive listening, community, Reality, forgiving,  self love, self respect, self acceptance, connection, universal energy, divine energy, superconsciousness, open, ascension, honouring, wisdom, your favorite activities, laughing, creativity, serving, supporting, contributing, reflection, Truth,  responsiveness, responsiblity, life, soaring, affection, enough for everyone, trust, collaboration,  depth,  awakened, conscious,  freedom, harmony, wholeness, One, Order, balance, serenity.

Try picking one word a day feel its energetic frequency and see how many times you can experience it.   

Add other high vibration energy inducing qualities to the list.


You know by now that I’d love for you to ask any questions,  make comments or share your experiences on my facebook page


Image: Kwan Yin and her snail by K. Kendall flickr creative commons

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