Connect with Nature to Shift into Higher Conscious Living

by on June 5, 2016

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Solstice is coming in a couple of weeks, so today we’re going to begin to prepare by getting in the habit of connecting with the environment and nature, and use our senses to increase our consciousness even higher.
Take a deep breath in. Check in internally (review past blogs if you forget how).  What is your vibratory level, and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual status?

Now, check-in externally, noting who and what is around you, and energetically do the same.

You are One with All Our Relations so connect with the trees and plants, rocks, sky, seas, all the creatures that live in or on them, Mother Earth, the Cosmos, the wisdom teachings of our ancestors, and more.  Check in with All Our Relations. Notice when you are out and about today if your surroundings help you to be in higher vibration energy.

To me, because I know Everything is Energy, I also connect with the parts in my car, my appliances, and other things that are man made. Have fun playing with this concept!

Sentient Co-Creators

When I wrote From Fear to Eternity, the energy was quite different.  I differentiated between helpers and allies that we could work with in different ways  to create our reality.  In the last couple of years I have realized everything has a sentient nature.  And if we are alert, we notice that sentient aspect approaching us  and communicating with us.

In addition to using internal methods to increase our frequency and sustain higher consciousness, we can also use the sentient energy of everything around us – external material or immaterial high vibration energies, to assist us to entrain and sustain our own frequency. In other words, by aligning with the vibration of an external higher vibration element you can bring your own vibrations up higher.

Communicate with the sentient energy in whatever attracts your attention to set an intention and cocreate the reality you wish to establish.

Many indigenous cultures work with animal totems that represent the wisdom of the animal you are connected with.  Shamans interact with animal allies and get messages and guidance for their work. Shamans (and Shamanic practitioners who have studied with Shamans), also connect and get messages from all energy including trees; the elements of wind, fire, earth and water; rocks and crystals.

People who are waking up and realizing there is more to life sometimes do so because they are making these connections with all energy –All Our Relations as well. Whether you believe allies support us literally or symbolically with their energy, they still represent possibilities for ancient and future wisdom and current assistance with our life purposes.

Mother Nature

Nature can work with you in many ways.  For example, you can ask for a break in a rainstorm to run to the store or you can actually call on it to rain.  You may have heard Gregg Braden’s story about how he went with a friend to call rain and its subsequent outcome. I have a childhood friend who did a ‘sun dance’ and brought out the sun on her sister’s wedding day.

To use Nature as a helper, bring it inside. You may wish to have a fountain, so you can be around running water, which is a symbol of cleansing. It creates negative ions, which are a positive way to increase your vibration. Another way to experience negative ions is to go outside after rain, walk beside water or warm rock salt.

Nature also helps with an oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange with humans. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide so breathing is easier.  Sun produces natural heat and warmth, and gazing at a natural scene from your windows can be relaxing, stimulating, inspiring, uplifting and energizing.

How to bring nature to you

Being in nature is an ideal way to enhance and sustain higher vibration energy.  Most people find they experience higher vibes if they are in a place surrounded by nature, green trees, and running water. You can bring Nature to you by re-creating nature indoors with plants and fountains or photos of natural scenes can help you shift into and sustain higher-conscious energy.

Connect with Nature

Connect with nature in any weather.  I love going out in the pouring rain and twirling around and get soaked. The power of Mother Nature in a rainstorm is awesome, as long as you take precautions to avoid lightning strikes.  I run out into the snow the odd time it happens in Vancouver!  I’m like a child – I make snow angels. I used to watch my dog dig into it with his nose, and sense his delighted playful energy. If there are frozen puddles I surreptitiously see if anyone’s around and feel the power of breaking the ice on them. Of course, I love the sun.  In the fall I deliberately walk thru leaves and listen to them crunch under my feet.  What’s the weather like where you are today?  How can you enjoy it?

Todays Practice

Stand outside, on the balcony, or even in front of an open window. Take three deep breaths of fresh air and connect with a tree, bush, flower, bird, rock, or any other natural item that draws your attention.

Touch it if you can. Feel your oneness. Say good morning; listen for a reply. It could be as simple as a warm feeling that comes.  Some people can actually communicate and get messages from a natural item. Open and allow your imagination free reign. As you receive its acknowledgment, tell it you love and respect or honour it. Thank it for being. This just takes a couple of minutes and relaxes and energizes you.

You can also connect with your houseplants. Ask a stone if you can take it with you.  If it agrees, enjoy it for a day or two, then return it back outside.  It might be quite an adventure for the rock – that’s one way they can travel.

 This week, experience nature in some way every day. If you say you don’t have time, you aren’t in higher conscious living! (LOL)   Just touch a tree, pick up a rock or even look out the window.  A great time is when you are in the car, during rush hour, when traffic is standing still.  When you live in higher consciousness, you can choose to remain in a calm higher frequency, by looking around and connecting with nature all around you.  Your heart will expand and you will experience your particular signature sensation that lets you know you are in higher vibration. And, since you are aware of everything around you when you live in higher consciousness, you will know when the traffic inches ahead!

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