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by on October 1, 2014

I want to take you on a journey to explore your highest conscious life unfolding in you. If you’re someone who wants to let go of limiting beliefs, shift your energy, understand and create higher consciousness, then here are some wonderful offerings with which we can do that together:

  • ‘VIP Energy Retreat’ Package … Weaving your life from the pool of the New Energy of Creation

  • 3 month ‘Higher Conscious You’ package … Living your life as a super connected, highly aware being

  • Teleclasses, Live Classes and Complimentary Events

 Live Classes, Teleclasses and Complimentary Events – see below for subjects

I love to offer classes and spontaneous virtual complimentary community events that are inspired when I play in the New Energy of Creation. If you want to be notified by email, and have longer to listen to replays,consider liking my facebook page.


Personal Mentoring -Come Play With Me!


 ‘Higher Conscious You’   1 on 1 – 3 month package

… Living your life as a super connected,  highly aware being


I’m offering a personal private 3 month package called ‘The Higher Conscious You’ that includes:

*   an initial assessment of your wants and needs.
*   6 bi-weekly 1 hour phone or skype calls to take you through higher consciousness training.
*   6 bi-weekly check-ins (approx. 20 minutes each) to assess successes and strategize for the week ahead.
*   3 ‘Just in Time’ sessions (as needed) to problem solve urgent situations from higher consciousness when you’re in the thick of things.
*   Creation of your own Personal Tool Kit custom made to fit your lifestyle.
*   Resources and quick reference tools to support you in this journey.

Energy Investment:
The energy exchange  is $598.00 or 3 payments of  $199.00 per month for three months. Contact Gina-Dianne at 604 722-0541 (Canada) or at


Higher Conscious YOU Program


VIP One on One Energy Retreat’ Package

vip 1669556Experience a luxurious, sensually stimulating shift in your energy, emotions and conscious awareness as you and I explore  how  you can be in the world  of higher consciousness and live the life you have always yearned for.  This 2 day personal retreat plus pre and post mentoring sessions with just you and I will jump start your evolution to even higher consciousness living and will include:


  • a preliminary phone session to design your retreat experience and to line you up with your desired outcomes.
  • on the evening you arrive, you’ll check into your accommodation and then you and I will meet for dinner to get to know each other more and set the stage for the retreat.
  • in the morning, we’ll start our retreat in nature designed especially for you that can include creating your intentions for the day beside a flowing stream; learning  on a beautiful ocean inlet beach; relaxing over a picnic lunch — all from the place of the sacred connection to nature and all that it can offer us from a higher awareness.
  • in the afternoon, you’ll have time to integrate the morning’s shifts and discoveries while walking a labyrinth,
  • the next day follow up with mastery sessions –– you can select 1 of 4 mini  programs****** … or we can design your own.
  • 3 follow up telephone calls to further incorporate your experiences into your daily higher conscious lifestyle.

Mini Mastery Sessions
1.   Shifting your energy, emotions, thoughts and perceptions to an even higher awareness and applying that into specific situations in your life for greater outcomes.

2.  Taking something you want to create and we’ll go through a process for achieving that — how does it want to happen, what’s the  plan for it, creating a vision board, using guided visualizations to see the most powerful way forward and learning powerful tools to use at home for sustaining the momentum.

3.  Operating as your greater being, we’ll look at what is yours to do next as your big work / contribution for the planet, the cosmos and beyond. 

4. Exploring higher consciousness at a higher paradigm beyond the infinite doorway level.

5. Designing your own session after reviewing Gina-Diannes “About” page and selecting an area of her expertise you wish to learn more about.

Energy Investment:

Regular Price:  $888.00

This fee includes breakfast, lunch, snacks for the two days and a welcome dinner on the night before at a restaurant that fits the ambiance of your VIP day.  Accommodation is not included — I can direct you to some great places at a special rate.

VIP Program


In Person and Teleclasses 

The Vitalchemy of Higher Conscious Living Series


From Fear to Eternity: Shift your Energy and Live in Highest Consciousness Vibration

Discover the basic foundational tools to shift you from your current vibrational set point into the life you yearn to live in this action packed class.

Date:    To Be Announced – Call Gina-Dianne at 604-722-0541 for details.


Awesomeness Adventures -Whats New in Higher Consciousnesses?

Calling All Awesome Consciousness Creators!   Lets get together on the Consciousness Playground

Co-Lead with Dorothy West of The Happiness Co
We can explore, discover and share what it`s like to create from there!  We  can look for what lies beyond what we have known until now!
There`s actually science, mathematics and physical benefit from playing in and with consciousness!  How about that?! Join us and swing out with all the new information.

 We’ll review the neurophysiology and quantum physics of conscious reality creation  and explore the deepest most expanded, newest higher consciousnesses.

If this makes you curious, yet you’re a little bit intimidated to say “YES”, Jump in!  We’d love for this to be your first foray into the deep delight of energetic creation!  Whether you`re new to this exploration or a seasoned player, we’d be thrilled if you join us.
 Come participate in this compelling session where we’ll free-fall into the exhilarating void of the newest energy of creation!

Date:             To Be Announced – Call Gina-Dianne at 604-722-0541 for details.




Beyond the Infinite Doorway: Discover the Newest High Vibeing Consciousness

Find your unique brilliance and genius gifts in this fun and awesome workshop.  Explore the omniverse, get to know the sentiency of Allness and create from the cosmic ooze.  Do the work you are meant to do in each Now moment.

Date:            TBA  – Call Gina-Dianne at 604-722-0541 for details.



Beyond 2012:  How to Experience the New Vibration of this Golden Era.

  • What are the keystone foundations being established as we begin this new age of limitless possibilities?
  • How can you achieve and sustain a higher conscious life?
  • How can you communicate and understand beyond traditional communication and help others learn to do so?
  • What is higher conscious living like when you consciously choose your perceptions?

I’d love for you to come play where you can be seen as your greatest, most awesome self.

Call Gina-Dianne at 604-722-0541 for dates of online classes

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