Strengths of Highly Energetically Aware People in Balance

by on November 7, 2011

man woman connecting in energetic meditation unknown art from the sacred of geometry page 537994_465596096810670_1981909160_nHave you ever tried to identify your brilliance and don’t recognize it because it is such a natural aspect of you that you think everyone must have the same traits?

Sometimes Highly Energetically Aware people (HEAPs) believe they are oversensitive. They don’t realize all the value added tangible and intangible skills and abilities they bring to the table   when they are in balance


You really just need to know how to manage this gift. Many of the tips, tools and techniques you will find in my book  “From Fear to Eternity: 212 Ways to Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs and Shift Your Energy Into Higher Conscious Living”  are especially helpful for HEAPs.   I also share hints designed to help manage inundating energy in my blogs

Why don’t you peruse this list of traits and see which ones apply to you?

Remember to develop your strengths and celebrate your brilliance.  Look at them all!

When in balance, Highly Aware people tend to be:
∞ Compassionate
∞ Contemplative
∞ Diplomatic
∞ Discrete
∞ In Equilibrium
∞ Gentle
∞ Growth-Oriented
∞ Good Listeners
∞ Idealistic
∞ Innovative
∞ Problem Solvers – Meaning-Makers
∞ Noble in their Motives
∞ Original
∞ Peaceful
∞ Reverent in Nature
∞ Intuitive, knowing big picture
∞ Able to see and sense the heart of matter
∞ Able to access wisdom not everyone can
∞ Deeply committed to the positive and the good
∞ Deeply connected with spirit universal energy
∞ Hungry for deep and meaningful relationships
∞ Very affectionate in personality and expression
∞ Problem solvers, thinkers, and studiers of many things
∞ Multi talented
∞ Broad-minded perspective
∞ Loyal

Highly Aware people tend to:

∞ Have the unusual ability to sense subtleties, spot or avoid errors, concentrate deeply,
and delve deeply.
∞ Have an innate ability to receive energy, information and awareness from others with a
depth and intensity that is beyond our customary understanding of empathy.
∞ Have a built in early warning system –feelings for letting them know when they are leaving
their centre.
∞ Have a deep appreciation for harmony and unity.
∞ Have a deep sense of connection — even know beyond who are behind the masks that people use to
protect themselves.
∞ Make decisions based on feelings.
∞ Be in tune with their physiological and emotional feelings.
∞ Prefer their inner world for stimulation and pleasure.
∞ Like to focus.
∞ Develop wide ranges of knowledge and expertise because of their long attention spans and insatiable curiosity.
∞ Notice details subtleties and nuances (e.g. when asked to put a number of things into three
categories have a lot of difficulty).

**This list was compiled from a literature review. Not every Highly Energetically Aware person will have all these characteristics.

Image: unknown art from the sacred of geometry facebook page

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