Characteristics of Highly Energetically Aware People

by on November 7, 2011

About 20% of men and women are Highly Aware  “Sensitives” or “Empaths”: exquisitely sensitive, responsive, compassionate people who are innately able to recieve energy, information and awareness from others in an intense and deep way. 

The other 80-85% of the population find it difficult to understand the overwhelm that may occur with Sensitives in what may seem to be a “normal” setting. 

Many of my clients are highly energetically aware people (HEAPs) who feel such a sense of relief to know they are not overly sensitive.  You will find helpful hints  designed to help manage inundating energy in some of my blogs

If you would to know whether you are highly energetically aware, review the check list of characteristics below.      


Characteristics of Highly Energetically Aware People

You may be a Highly Aware person if you:
∞ Are easily overwhelmed
∞ Absorb others energy and emotions like a psychic sponge
∞ Can feel what’s been happening in a room you’ve just entered
∞ Experience and pick up positive high vibration energy or emotional low vibration energy
from people
∞ Feel drained when you go to busy noisy places with lots of people and sensory stimulation
(ie work, shopping malls)
∞ Cry easily
∞ Experience sudden changes in your feelings unrelated to what’s happening in your own life
∞ Need time to be alone to revive, need more downtime than non sensitive people
∞ Are seen to be self sufficient, strong, competent, dependable, reliable, capable,
smart and invincible
∞ Experience traumatic shock —-yet you worry how someone else will be impacted. You want to
protect them and so minimize your trauma when around them!!!
∞ Want to be helpful to point of putting others needs ahead of your own
∞ Prefer to take your own car to places so you can leave when you please
∞ It’s hard to get rid of images on TV and unsettling new on the radio stay with you,
prefer not to watch TV news
∞ Connect with characters in books and in movies and deeply experience their feelings
∞ Cry at parades when brownies and beavers walk by
∞ Are “overly sensitive” and take everything to heart…and it remains there for
a very, very, long time.
∞ Ruminate after a situation when you worry you did/said something wrong, thinking
“what could I have done differently”
∞ Feel hurt by a look or criticism
∞ Feel isolated, like you don’t belong or you are an alien in your family
Still Not Sure? Check back here for more characteristics coming soon

**This list was compiled from a literature review. Not every Highly Energetically Aware person will have all these characteristics.

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