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by on June 15, 2016

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In the northern hemisphere, Monday, June 20, 2016 at 3:34 PM PDT we celebrate the Summer Solstice – the day with the longest hours of light in the year. This is the winter equinox in the southern hemisphere.

 (For winter celebration and ritual click here)



Connect to the Cycles to experience Higher Conscious Living

Remember the solstice is part of a cosmic cycle which is outpictured on earth in connection with the cycle of nature. Each season can be associated with the ancestors’ agricultural activities:

  • Preparing and planting and connecting to balance of equal days and nights at the spring equinox,
  • Nurturing and allowing growth at the summer solstice,
  • Harvesting and thanksgiving and honouring balance again at the fall Equinox and
  • Completion, allowing, rest and regeneration with fallow fields, taking time for reviewing and evaluating the growth, and anticipating the unknown and planning for the following cycle at the Winter Solstice.

Mother Nature is reaching out to invite us to consciously connect with the earth at a time when it is crucial to appreciate and love all that we are stewards of.

It’s time to evaluate and tweak the growth of your projects- the seeds you planted at Spring Equinox

In our personal annual cycle this is a time of allowing what we began at the spring equinox- our new projects and habits to grow.

We may wish to evaluate how they are doing, and perhaps tweak them a bit. Just as we wouldn’t pull a plant or shrub by the roots to see how its growing, we need to trust that we are exactly where we need to be with our endeavor and nurture it with loving energy.

Jot down any new insights, updates to your plans  and new goals for this quarter

What messages are there about your next steps in the upcoming quarter of the year? How can you align with the cosmic energy to bring about what is yours to do? Is there an overall strategy or vision? Or are you being guided to take it step by step

Dance with the sentient energies and guide the direction of your desired outcome, the energetic flow, so in tune are you. Feel the energy flow – back and forth –

What do you wish to choose and create?

Consciously Amp up your vibration for your desired outcomes visualize and FEEL as if it is reality in this 3rd dimension. Feel it actualized. resonating thru you deep in your essence. Feel its effervescence bubbling in every subatomic particle that is you as a unique point of creation and as the allness and moreness.

Access clear inner guidance and direction for any further action needed before you harvest in the fall.

Look at the Biggest Picture, Connect and Share

Take a moment to reflect on what has been enhanced since spring equinox for the greater you, for humanity, for the earth and the universe from the highest perspective. This is not reported in the mainstream media, but if you look thru my facebook pages you will find the good, innovative, creative and miraculous happening in the world. Many changes have occurred offering the opportunity for higher vibration perceptions, actions and outcomes.  Express Gratitude for all you have.

Shift your awareness to your partnership with nature. Breathe out and provides CO2 to the trees for you and breath in the O2 they offer you. Be aware of your outbreath for trees and plants throughout day. Purposefully connect with them — look at the newest colours and communicate with the energy that has come in during the first half of the year– feel the colours, hear them, smell them, taste them. Feel your energy exchange with the rocks and stones. Alchemically stir life grow it into more newest coming thru made available to earth. Co-create with this power

Ask “what’s my newest relationship with everything???

Listen to the words of the poets and songwriters as all nature sings and round us rings the music of the spheres. Hear the rocks and stones themselves as they start to sing Haysana Hosanna …..

Imagine yourself connecting with all like minded people who are creating our preferred highest conscious reality. Gather the energy of new creation.

Now breathe in. And breathe out what you have created so far this year and in this now moment of connection and gratitude. Breathe it into the centre of an alchemical spiral, the vortex of creation.

Share what you have created individually and in combination with those working to make a difference, to bring in the newest energy into this era. Gift it to over 7 billion humans making it available to everyone and anyone who is asking to know if there is more than what is our apparent illusionary reality of 3rd dimension; to everyone and anyone who knows there is more and is allowing it in and using it to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of anyone and everyone who is open and ready to receive the grace of our creation.


You can discover more about Solstices by clicking on the cloud word tags to the left of this blog, and checking out my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GinaDianneHarding.

Enjoy this You Tube video thats perfect for a summer solstice.   One of the traditional ways to celebrate was to build a bonfire the evening before solstice, dance and party all night long and greet the sky the dawn and the sun.  Let the words,music and images stir you up for soulstice.

High is the moon tonight
Hiding its guiding light
Heaven and earth do sleep
Still in the dark so deep
I will the darkness sweep
I will the moon to flight
I will the heavens bright
I will the earth delight
Open your eyes with me
See paradise with me
Awake and arise with meI am the dawn, I’m the new day begun
I bring you the morning, I bring you the sun
I hold back the night and I open the skies
I give light to the world, I give sight to your eyes
From the first of all time, until time is undone
Forever and ever and ever and ever
And I am the dawn and the sky and the sun
I am one with the One, and I am the dawn

I am the sky and the dawn and the sun
I am the sky and the new day begun
I am the sky and the dawn and the sun

Image: Storkburger by altthewebmaster

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