Be in Highest Vibration When Setting Intentions and Establishing New Habits

by on April 12, 2016

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When you are exploring your life from a higher conscious perspective, it is important to set your conscious intention while being in the highest frequency you can attain.

You  may want to intend to be open to receiving and trying new thoughts and to allowing yourself to feel all the emotions that come up without judging them.

When it comes to creating new conscious habits, it is a good idea to set the intention to practice what you’ve learned at least 3 times the first day and in the days to come.   It takes a minimum of 21 days to incorporate a new behaviour, thought or emotional habit.

We know from brain research that new neural pathways are laid down and the more often you repeat the learned pattern within a 24 hour period of learning something, the greater your likelihood of remembering it and continuing to incorporate it into your life.  If you do not repeat it during this time the chances that you will act on it is less than 10%.  I discovered during my research into my Masters of Adult Education thesis that you can increase putting new information into practice by developing an action plan.  Setting an intention is a big part of that.

Continuing to practice what you learn beyond 21 days also results in stronger neural paths and connections.

When you are also in highest vibration, you will attract what you desire more easily because you are a vibrational match. To find out how to be in your highest vibration read on…..


Today’s tool is a quickie. Once you master it you will be able to shift your energy almost instantaneously. It is attuning yourself with something that puts you in contact with the highest vibration consciousness possible for you in the moment.

1.  Take three slow relaxed breaths.

2. Imagine something that feels blissful, ecstatic or rapturous.

It seems to work best if it is a thing, as opposed to a person, as there is less chance of becoming enmeshed with a thing.

It can be an overwhelmingly beautiful scene or object in nature, a piece of art, a poem; whatever you feel harmony and resonance with.

You can remember one of your most incredible experiences that resulted in your feeling totally alive in every cell, intensely sensing everything around you in exquisite detail.  A time when colours seemed brighter and your sense of smell taste and hearing was heightened: a time when your heart was overflowing with joy.

Sometimes we are in a space where no image will come to mind.  If that occurs then think of something you feel deep gratitude or appreciation for.

It could be a beautiful flower you come across, some heart stirring or softening music, or being enveloped in a warm kitten belly soft sweater. It may be having a roof over your head in that moment, having clothes to wear, just feel gratitude, no matter how basic it is.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrating emotions, so its a powerful tool to keep in your higher conscious living kit.

3.     Now remove yourself from the event and just experience the sensations .

Relish just the feeling of bliss or gratitude. Feel it expand and amplify – feel it in your whole body. Let it fill the room, the earth and the multiverse.

Set the intention to implant this high vibe feeling in your cell memory so you can invoke it at will.

4.       I suggest writing it down, since this strengthens the neural pathways’ and cell memories.  In addition if you experience a period of low vibration you can read and recall the feeling and shift into higher vib

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