Assessing Your Vibrational Frequency.- Two Key Tools for Higher Conscious Living

by on April 20, 2016

Living in higher consciousness often involves just being aware of and acknowledging your normal healthy choices and activities and mixing in some gratitude and celebration.

People who live in Higher Consciousness have an innate awareness of their vibrational frequency.  They quickly recognize if they slip into lower vibration.   Awareness of your inner self is  a key aspect to living in higher consciousness.
You can begin to develop this awareness by identifying your baseline vibrational set point. This isn’t scientific — it’s just to give you a  ballpark sense of where you are so you can have an idea about your growth in the next few weeks and beyond.
Here’s how. Review the qualities listed below and assess where you would fit based on the last two weeks on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest vibration.


1.    Low vibration more than 70% of the time in the last 2 weeks,with qualities such as:   Negative fear-based thoughts, many “what ifs”  and worries; hanging onto old stories and  being a victim, living in drama or chaos;  feeling dejected, little hope for good future, depressed, and-or self critical; physically or emotionally tired,  lacking  energy, feeling heavy, dense or stuck.   

2.     Low vibration energy from 51-70% in the last 2 weeks.

3.     Medium vibration energy –A relatively equal mix of low and high vibration qualities about 50 % of the time.  

4.       High Vibration Energy from 51-70% in the last 2 weeks.

5.       High  Vibration Energy more than 70% in the last 2 weeks –Feeling energetic, passionate, excited about life, optimistic, joyful,  calm, self loving, expanded, open and aware; Being conscious of what is happening right now; Listening to intuition and gut feelings; Being detached  from drama;  Having focused, clear thinking; Knowing everything is happening as it should.     

If you are a Highly Energetically Aware Person (H.E.A.P. a heap of greatness, a heap of brilliance etc.), Sensitive or Empath you may be challenged by selecting your average vibrations.   H.E.A.P.’s are so aware of subtle nuances in between black and white and grey, that having so few categories to select from are frustrating.If this is the case you can check out my book  “From Fear to Eternity 212 Ways to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs and Shift Your Energy into Higher Consciousness Living” . I go into great detail, listing 25 levels of qualities from the lowest vibrations of hate and shame to the highest of self realization, full enlightenment and pure consciousness.

For the purposes of this assessment though, just do your best.


Cbecking in: An Advanced Practice of the Vibrational Assessment Tool  

Checking in internally and externally is a more advanced aspect or higher octave of assessing your vibration. It also includes having insight, recognizing the reason you are vibrating at the level you are.

Checking In Internally

This part of the process  involves connecting with your inner self  by being aware of what’s going on in your body–mind, emotions and intuition.

You probably did this unconsciously when you assessed your level of vibration.  Its important to be consciously aware of  the process, and what you based your vibrational assessment on.  One way to consciously check in is as follows:

Choose to begin with either  your physical, mental, emotional  or spiritual body and then check  the others individually and observe how they affect each other.

You might, for example, notice you are close to tears; a physical manifestation of the emotion you are feeling.  This information alone would not be sufficient to give you insight into the reason behind it. You couldn’t be sure if it was higher or lower vibration emotion; whether they were happy or sad tears.

When you check in and observe you go further than the surface.  Other physical indicators could include a tight chest, knots in  your stomach, or a closed throat. Mentally, your thoughts might be about a loss you are experiencing. By checking in further with your emotions and thoughts you might realize you are feeling hopeless and abandoned by people in your life and a spiritual check in might reveal you are also feeling abandoned by your Higher Power.

Another time when you check-in, internally, you may start from an emotional  place. Suppose you are coming home from work feeling  stressed and the family dog greets you at the door. It wiggles and wags its tail in excitement  and nuzzling closer into you, looks at you with loving eyes. You might call the feelings you are experiencing loving and peaceful.  You may feel wanted.  You may notice a warm feeling in your heart, and physically experience  relaxed muscles, slower breathing and a boost in your energy.  Spiritually when you check in you might be moved to feel gratitude and unconditional love for your pet.

Once you have assessed your body-mind, emotions and spirit notice whether  your higher vibes and your body’s signs relate  to positive thoughts  or, if they are in lower vibes whether they are connected to a limiting belief. Perhaps you are connecting the current situation with a past one and re-experiencing those old emotions? Checking in gives us an opportunity to notice how draining our story is.

Once you have checked in  you have the opportunity to  keep the current thought, emotion  or belief or choose a new one.

Check In Externally

It is also important to check in externally, noting who and what is around you. I  suggest you begin to develop this ability by becoming aware of what parts of your body react when something positive enters your energy field, and when something of lower vibration enters your energy field.

Checking in externally, for example, involves becoming aware of the energy of people around you.

If you are a highly energetically aware person (HEAP), you may sense or take on lower vibration energy from those in your immediate environment. Some HEAPs’ can even feel energy from people and disaster situations on the other side of the globe.

It is important to also be aware that you can take on the energy of the collective conscious. In this time, when many people are perceiving systemic chaos, disaster and fear, it can be a real relief to understand that if you are experiencing feelings of lower vibration unrelated to anything around  or within you, you may be taking on these external energies. You will be able to use some of the tools you learn in next higher conscious living tips blogs to process them and transmute them into higher vibrations.  As you develop your higher conscious living skills you will likely notice you no longer experience this as you are at such a high frequency you don’t resonate with this more dense energy.

Another factor in assessing your environment is examining your home and workspace.  Your vibrational level can be influenced somewhat by clutter and chaos.  There are other “outer” aspects of the world around you that can affect the ease of which you can live in higher consciousness. Use and trust your intuition to help you discover what they are.

When you are aware of the energy in your environment, it may be easier to understand the experience of your inner check-in. You can also determine whether your surroundings help you to be in higher vibration energy.  And make choices to support that environment.

Next blog post will teach you another basic key skill for Higher Conscious Living (HCL)  –  How to Breathe.   (I can just hear you saying What!  I’m alive aren’t I…….  Yes you can use your breath consciously to increase your vibes. )

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