Are You Feeling the Energy of Sundays’s Solar Eclipse? – Guest Blog by Coach Dorothy West

by on February 25, 2017

Solar eclipse ring of fire

We are nearing the end of this intense eclipse season.  It’s officially over on Sunday.  The new moon occurs at 7am PT and the Maximum phase of the Eclipse happens 2 minutes before.  People who live in South America and parts of Africa will be able to see this spectacular ring of fire.  You can watch it live streaming on or


 There is a period of integration for about 2 weeks after the eclipse and its effects on our lives can occur for months.  If there is still some things in your life you need to release Do It Now!  If you have done that then use the remaining couple of days to vision and take action toward the new beginnings you are initiating in this One Year. 

I’ve been fortunate that the energy seems to be enlivening and inspiring me.  Some people are finding the unexpected a bit fatiguing or are feeling fidgety and a bit hyper.    My friend,  extraordinary Coach Dorothy West points us to the fact its all about perception and choice.  Here’s what she has to say.

Hey there Friends,

Can you feel the mounting pressure of the eclipse on Sunday? I sure can! It’s a whopper!

Remember that your brain will interpret the pressure using default information/thought. You may be thinking it’s just you, and all about you! Well, it can be, and you want to be in charge of how that goes.

There’s a lot of momentum right now, so you can use it to make choices and take actions that have been on your list. If your brain is sending you thoughts that encourage you to muster courage, consider those!
If your brain is sending “give it up” thoughts, go take a walk. Literally.

My default response to increasing pressure is to look for what is NOT adequate and then berate myself. Poor Dorothy!
I’m SO lucky and grateful to be aware of what’s happening! I address it by asking a couple of questions:
1.What would be the most fun for me right now?
2. How do I want this to play out?

Another opportunity is to consider the bigger picture. What is the world calling up in you? That can be taking the step toward JOY, so there’s more JOY in the world. It can also be to speak up, take on a leadership role, go out and have some conversations in the world, etc.

In any case, BE IN CHARGE! Recognize that the pressure we’re feeling can be useful, and it can be used in a way that is constructive and empowering!

Have a great weekend, and please respond if you’re inspired!

Dorothy enjoys working with people who want to live vibrantly at the edge, creating new realities and exhilarating personal and professional relationships. She knows that we are at our best when we are in alignment with our true expression and she relishes spending some time with others to develop and enhance that alignment.  As a Visionary Coach, she enjoy excavating genius, witnessing brilliance and instigating collaboration with individual clients, businesses and organizations.  Her vision and clarity, combined with years of entrepreneurial success and training groups, create a powerhouse of energy that empowers others to live their fullest potential.

The Happiness Company is where she supports and encourages others to open to a vibrant, powerful way of living and creating.



Solar Eclipse Image by Buddy Nash Pixabay creative commons.


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