9 Ways to Reframe Your Worries

by on August 14, 2016

Worrying Does Not Take Away Tomorrow's Troubles, It Takes Away Todays Peace

Hint – Try not to focus on them.  What you focus on grows…..

People are often amazed when they become conscious of their worries and realize how much energy they lose to this low vibration habit.

I come from a family of worriers.  My dad worried silently and developed stomach ulcers.  My mom always said she’d worry if she had nothing to worry about.  I used to worry for a whole weekend about whether something I said in a meeting Friday was the right thing or if my actions would result in disaster.

What kinds of things worry you from time to time?  If you’re like I was, it may be hard to think of a specific reason.  It may be that worries don’t come fully formed in your mind, but just linger as uneasiness.

While people  need to spend some time considering the future, they often leak energy by worrying and engaging in, “What If This Happens”?

If you spend time worrying about “what if” something bad will happen, here are some suggestions.  They vary in vibrational frequency.  Some are for beginners who aren’t sure they are ready to let go of worries, others are for people who just want to be worry free:

1.  Love the Worry

Talk to it and ask it why it has come up.  Know that it ultimately wants you to have an easy life, and its doing its best to help. Thank it for bringing the thought to your attention and let it know you appreciate its help, but you have other ways to make life better.

2.  Observe the Thought.

Be aware of the thought or worry, but shift into being the observer.  Be compassionate and caring as you watch yourself and remind yourself it is only a scene in the play you have created.  Detach from the low vibration emotions and choose to think of something that makes you feel blissful.  Practice this skill even if it doesn’t work right away, eventually you will automatically shift your thoughts

3. Ask If It Will Matter In A Year.

When you look at the big picture, and ask yourself will it matter in the future, you will often defuses the concern.  This is especially helpful if you’re worried what other people think.  They probably didn’t even notice because they are focused on their own stuff, and if they did they will forget it quickly

4. Set Aside Worry Time

If you are still determined to worry, set aside ½ hour at the same time each week as worry time. Any time a worry comes up, mentally make a note to think about it on the next worry day and then let it go.  Imagine it’s like a cloud in the sky and see it floating out of your mind.   (On that day can you even remember what you wanted to worry about? Probably not).

5. Create a Worry Jar

Here’s another trick if you think you have to worry. Write down all your worries and put them in a jar.  The purpose of this activity is to track how many of your “What Ifs” really happen. Once every 4-6 months empty the jar.  I bet you’ll be surprised at how few came to pass.

Why don’t you write down some worries now?

6.  Can You Take Action Right Now?

This is my favorite method to release any worries that want to pester me.  Ask yourself: Is there anything I can do about it now? Sometimes people have trouble falling asleep, or falling back to sleep because they are worried, or thinking about what they need to do.  If there is nothing you can do then put it aside for now.  I like to put it in my SFGTD inbox  (something for God to do) I let “him/her, it” take care of the problem, knowing if I really want to I can hoist my worries up over my shoulders in the morning!

7.  Visualize Your Preferred Outcome

If you have decided you’d prefer to forgo worrying then decide on your highest vibeing preferred outcome for a situation and visual that.  My mom has dementia and is in a care home.  Her lovely roommate recently passed.  In keeping with the practice of determining if there was something I could do about ensuring her continued wellbeing,  I asked the staff if I could have input into who her new roommate would be.  Since that isn’t an option I now take a deep breath, relax and visualize her with her ‘new’ roomate, a quiet contented woman who values her privacy or someone better. I feel their contentment and imagine in detail what mom’s day will be like.   Visualization has worked well in so many situations in the past, I know we will have a great result.

8. Play the “What If It’s Something Good Happens” Game.

Cultivate a new habit of expecting good things by playing the “What If It’s Something Good” game.

The way you play it is to take something you habitually worry about and imagine positive outcomes. Start with grandiose possibilties  that may logically seem impossible. Some more realistic ones may then start to flow.  Depending on the situation you may choose to put out the miraculous possibilities out to the universe for manifesting. From this place of high vibration you attract matching good results

For Example: You worry about a family member who is living on their own. Your imagination  creates mega disasters if you can’t get in touch with them.

So, think about the good things that could be happening…..

He could be busy enjoying himself with friends and forgot to check his answering machine.  He could be working extra shifts so he can get married and give you the grandchild you’ve always wanted.

She might be tired of interacting with people and just want to have time to herself.  Her cell phone might be misplaced, have fallen out of her purse, or run out of power and she can’t call.

You could think “What If Something Really Grand Happened,” like she’s won the lottery and had to fly to another town to pick it up and she wanted to surprise you. You could think small; maybe he had to wash his hair.

Maybe your parents decided to check out the senior’s complex and took advantage of their weekend trial package. Maybe they are reacting to their decreasing independence and don’t want to bother you. Maybe some old friends picked them up and took them out.  See all the possibilities I came up with?

These optimistic thoughts keep you in higher vibrations and may bring a smile to your face, which also keeps you in higher vibration.

This game recognizes the strength and capability of your loved ones, and it has the benefit of improving relationships because they can sense your confidence in them.

Thought shift.

If you try to help someone change their thoughts emotions or behaviour, you are not in higher consciousness (HC).  From a HC perspective no one needs fixing because you unconditionally accept them and/or know everyone is on their own path and will learn  at the time that is in their greatest and highest good.
This Abraham Video expands on the concept of people acting in the way you expect them to. If you see peoples as happy and living a good life they will either show up that way in your life or avoid you.

9.  Choose a High Vibrational “something” to focus on

If you stray out of the Now, into past or future worry, choose something to focus on that moves you into high vibration. Use inspirational quotes or messages.

Having a pocketful of high vibration generating thoughts that feel good is worth their weight in etheric gold.   I have several, but the one that always does it for me is a mental picture of my son when he was about 18 months in his yellow rubber raincoat, his blond curls peaking out from under the elasticized hood.  He was pure sunshine.

So,  When worries cross your mind, try these tools and techniques and Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

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