5 Steps to Prepare for the Fall Equinox in Awareness of the New Earth Energies

by on September 19, 2017

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It is autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when we celebrate the harvest of our projects and set intentions for the next quarter leading to the Winter Solstice.  This summer we had the full solar eclipse, seen to some degree over all North America, watched and felt globally,  Lately we have had the energy of x class solar flares, hurricanes, and  fires.  This has given us the opportunity to tune into natures energies and intentions, and link with it’s highest sentient intentions so we can obtain a different perception of these events.  When we tap into the intense patterns leading up to this fall equinox, be assured we can create with extremely potent energies.

The equinox occurs this Friday, September 22, 2017 at 20:02 UTC.  The Master Number 22 symbolizes the principle of precision and balance. When it senses its full capacity as a ‘Master Builder’, it can achieve what is hardly imaginable. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality and is potentially the most successful of all numbers.

In many indigenous ceremonies, celebrants honour and align with the 4 directions to call in their various energies and aspects. Interestingly Melody  says in Love is in the Earth, “the concept of parallel dimensions with respect to the four cardinal directions is reflected in the 22 vibration”  so the increased power of this equinox is magnified.

Put all these energies together and burst forth into the next quarter of the year.

How can you make the most of this equinox?  Here are 5 steps you can take in the next 4 days to metaphysically prepare.

Shift into Higher Vibration Consciousness by Connecting with Annual Cycles in Nature

One easy way we can begin to open to the newest energies  is by  using the equinox energy to connect with the environment, with Mother Nature. By connecting to the Sentient energies of All That IS using all our senses and intuition to receive messages  in this dimension, we will have an easier time opening to the incoming energies other dimensions.

This can happen in many ways. One way is to honour the cycles of Mother Nature especially during the two annual equinoxes and solstices. The equinoxes are all about balance , since there are equal hours of daylight and night on the spring and fall equinoxes.

Traditional Equinox Preparations

Conscious people in many cultures spend time in preparation for the equinox

Historically, the Japanese observe the Spring and Autumn Equinox as the six-day celebration the Higan-e. Six days was chosen because it is based on the six perfections, giving, observance of the precepts, perseverance, effort, meditation and wisdom – needed before one goes to nirvana Celebration happens three days before and three after Equinox. The ritual includes repentance of past sins and prayers for enlightenment in the next life. It also includes remembrance of the dead and visits to the family graves. It is thought that the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, being the most temperate times of the year, are ideal moments to reflect on the meaning of life.

The Maya also spent days 33 days prior to the day of the equinox and 33 days post equinox as sacred time. Other indigenous cultures believed the veil of mystery between this world and the next was very thin at the equinox. We are very close to the other dimensions where spirits of the ancestors, angels ascended masters, god and goddesses reside.

Preparing for a more Contemplative Equinox

If you have been letting go of limiting beliefs and shifting your energy into higher consciousness living with the suggestions in my book From Fear To Eternity  you may find you are drawn to experience the deeper meaning of the Equinox.  Set some time to prepare over the next 3 days.

Preparing for the equinox is a symbolic act to some and a spiritual experience for others. Each outer step symbolizes a key principle, impacts our inner growth and move us forward on our life path. If you feel so inclined or feel called to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the equinox you can draw from the suggested activities below.

1. Connect with Source Energy

When you begin any ceremony or preparation, It is always important to connect with your highest self, divine energy, however you conceive the Creator of ALL THERE IS. This will raise your frequency so you are in higher conscious awareness.

This December Solstice will be the anniversary of the Shift of the Ages into the Age of Golden Consciousness.  Many higher consciousness creators have been bringing the new energies in with grace, so they are less jarring than they might be for people who are unaware of the transition.  The newest highest frequency attributes are being established as the shift  is established and coalesces .

Therefore I highly recommend you tune into Source and ask how to use the newest energy and information coming in in preparation for the equinox celebration and how to best honour this time.   You may receive totally different guidance from what follows.  

While you are communing with Source, express your gratitude for what you have in life (look at the highest octave for  experiences you might have considered not so great in the past).

Once this is done then focus on preparing yourself for the equinox. If it feels right you can choose to:

2. Take an Inventory

The next step in preparing for the equinox is to consciously take a self- inventory.

Part of this inventory includes considering what parts of your life and actions were “good harvest” since summer solstice? What part of your projects and personal growth were successful and what parts could be modified in the upcoming part of the cycle?

I hope you have learned to accept and love your precious self as you are; a divine being expressing your unique gifts to the world.  Keep in mind that we ALWAYS do the best we can given the knowledge we have and the circumstances at the time.

3. Recognize We Are Pure. 

The third step is to recognize our purity as god-beings.  We are in reality, highest frequency expressions of creation. We no longer need to raise our frequency to connect with other sentient energies (such as the angels, gods and goddesses, ascended masters), We can tap directly into the incoming energy and receive messages about the upcoming quarter of the annual cycle clearly and accurately.

If you wish to symbolically recognize your inherent purity, you can cut back on or stop sugar, caffeine, junk food etc. for the  days before the equinox.

The day of the equinox if you wish to do a ritual then you can symbolically prepare with a bath or shower while you visualize old programs that you occasionally slip into rinsing away and the refreshing of your energy field.

Tune into your life force energy.  See its light and claritoroid of person and earthty and the radiant highest  frequency  quantum particles. Notice the torroidal  energy of your self as it merges and melds with the  torus of every other energetic force, humanity,  animals, rocks, trees, skies, seas, Gaia, the Cosmos  and All That IS




4. Set your intentions for the cycle

The fourth step is to set your intentions for this cycle which takes us to the Winter Solstice. Consider the season, what the earth is doing and what farmers or indigenous people do at this time of year. Here in the Pacific Northwest, fruits are being harvested, vegetable crops brought in and many fields are being prepared so they can rest thru the winter.

You can consider any outstanding personal or professional issues or projects, evaluate what worked and make plans for completing anything you wish so you can take time to reflect, regenerate and plan beginning around the winter solstice.

When you set intentions, it is very important to include how you wish to feel, in addition to what action you want to take. If you want to tap into the energetic frequency we associate with the saints, archangels and other beings of the highest vibration include that in your intention statement. For example, Mary Magdalene may represent feminine wisdom, strength, healthy relationships, metaphysical skills, so you can call in that energy.

Your intention does not have to be complex and it should cause a feeling of eager excitement and anticipation.

Your intention could be “I feel trust and calmness (feeling) as I consciously listen for inner guidance and act on it”. (action)

If you are a bit skeptical your intention might be “I want to feel open to the possibility that there might be some truth to this Woo-Woo stuff , and I ask the divine universe to help me attract situations which allow me to wonder….

You could also set a more tangible intention such as “In the next 90 days I feel inspired, confident and competent as I follow the steps I have written in my 90 day plan to get a job”

5. Preparing for the equinox ritual

The fifth step is preparing the day of the ritual itself. Start by getting quiet, connect to your inner self and the Energy of the Creator. Set an intention such as…

  • walking in gratitude for all Mother Nature’s gifts and perhaps
  • to be open to receive and transcend in the incoming high vibration energy
  • to connect with and honour nature and
  • to tune in to the Divine You and experience deep inner wellbeing, passion for life, love, peace and calmness.

Inherent in setting  your intention  is that not only will you benefit, but you will share the energy and gifts  from a sacred space and bring the Divine universal energy to all 7 billion humans and other life on the planet and in the universe.

It is extremely important to remember to stop and collect yourself before undertaking any preparation. Do it in a respectful way- giving yourself the time needed. When you are present in your body, with your mind in the Now moment, you will be able to feel when you are guided to do something different or in addition to what I have shared with you. You may wish to symbolize your purification to enable you to receive clear accurate messages and raise your vibrations by taking a shower or bath before the celebration.

I enjoy creating Maya Ceremony and Ritual.  I often  select a crystal  or  an other offering for Mother Nature like corn, tobacco,or flowers and something I wish to keep that will  be imbued with the energy of the ceremony. The Mayans always ensured they had gifts like chocolate and tobacco for the Alucha, the mischievous creatures that delight in creating mischief in your life. I think they must be the ones who hide your keys, your cell phone, and create the small annoyances in some peoples days.

In summary, to prepare for the equinox,

  • Consciously steer your feelings and thoughts into high vibration energies of love and gratitude
  • Connect with Source to ask how the newest energies could enhance your solstice preparation and celebration.
  • Take an inventory. Reflect on your activity since summer solstice and make any changes to keep you on track. Celebrate your successes and feel your vibrations getting higher.
  • Remember your purity and perfection as a higher conscious expression of the All That IS
  • Set your intentions for the time until the Winter Solstice, again considering this cycle of nature. Generate a sense of excitement and passion about the limitless possibilities
  • Follow any guidance you receive from your inner self that FEELS right.
  • Enjoy the process.

The day of the ceremony connect with your inner self, bathe as a symbol of preparation, be highly aware of nature and her gifts, Be in gratitude (it is said by some to be the emotion with the highest vibration in this dimension, since unconditional love is not widespread. Collect any things you want to take to the ritual – gifts for Mother Nature and the aluchas, an item to absorb the energy of the ceremony or whatever you are called to bring.

Remember the energy of the Equinoxes extends for days before and after the exact time of the astronomical balance of light and dark. I will share a very brief ritual with you tomorrow on this site.


Torroidal image  “Progress of the Soul”  by Alex Grey
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